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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by akkie, Jul 29, 2005.

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    Ok guys ive read all the forums on here ..all you guys seem to know the score with linksys routers....mines is a wag54g ...I run a network with three computers in my home....two upstairs are wireless and host downstairs (with the router above on a shelf) is wired....never had a problem for two years till yesterday...when the host seemed to be dissconneting and reconnecting to the net...error flashes up next to the two small tv screens in system tray...local are connection now connected....then 3o seconds cable unplugged....this is only affecting the host computer (the wired one)...although as I type im still on net....but its just that its never done it before....and the blue ethernet cable (not usb) is not been messed around with in any way...the little plastic tabs are stil intact as they were when I bought the unit...ive tried unplugging from the computer and the router and then plugging back in and also disconnecting the black power cable to router and reconnecting but still the problem persists ,,,any you guys have any idea whats going wrong...would you suggest trying another blue cable I would need to buy one..if you do..just wanted to check first as Im not techno minded at all.
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