New Interim ASA5505 Software. v8.0.3(12) RELEASED

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    With over 70 Caveats fixed, Cisco have a new Interim Release:

    Revision: Version 8.0.3(12) – 4/24/2008

    File: asa803-12-k8.bin

    Defects resolved since

    CSCsb70006 ospf syslog %ASA-5-503001, retransmissions is spelled incorrectly
    CSCsc08906 logging rate-limit rate and level argument help cli needs correction
    CSCsc96374 ASA: show service-policy "no buffer drops" counter should be renamed
    CSCsd31162 PPPoE: debug ppp doesn't display any debug messages
    CSCsd71737 show local-host command should be able to rank hosts by number of conns
    CSCsd96028 help url-block doesn’t show clear url-block
    CSCsg75094 LDAP: ASA cannot authenticate to Active Directory using MD5
    CSCsh16037 Add connection duration to show conn command
    CSCsh62198 Enhancement: Add ability to customize additional TCP Normalizer checks
    CSCsh64869 Need counters in SNP for admin sessions when conn limit is reached
    CSCsh91747 SSL VPN stress cause SSL lib error. Function: DO_SSL3_WRITE
    CSCsi18713 PIX/ASA show running-config all output should include sysopt config
    CSCsi25879 Further investigate SESSMGR/AC/FO drops
    CSCsi31526 SIP: sh conn shows connection with flag as SIP & SIP transient both
    CSCsi79159 admin connections to PIX with crypto card via management-access fail
    CSCsj03394 PKI: enroll failure with usage-keys needs better error
    CSCsj13553 TCP Normalizer: TCPMSS check does not conform with RFCs 791, 879 & 1122
    CSCsj49445 'show conn' should show real interface names
    CSCsj55510 problems with 'terminal pager' settings on PIX/ASA
    CSCsj64696 ENH WebVPN: Option in xml file for bookmarks to open in new window
    CSCsj71788 Slow response when entering commands via Telnet
    CSCsj95463 X11 Apps with Mindterm plugin not operational over Clientless SSL VPN
    CSCsk14649 threat-detection shun time should be configurable
    CSCsk36399 Traceback in PIX Garbage Collector (Old pc 0x008b619d ebp 0x0261ed60)
    CSCsk42595 ASA:: 2 Factor Authentication with Password-Management Fails for SSL VPN
    CSCsk47949 ASDM hangs at 47% if packet losses on the network
    CSCsk48355 ISAKMP SA stuck in AM_WAIT_DELETE after ASA upgrade
    CSCsk50583 IPV6: Anyconnect does not work when using ipv6 with vlans.
    CSCsk58966 internal password does not work with BASIC authentication
    CSCsk59189 Top N data sent to ASDM is incorrect when ACE changes
    CSCsk80122 L2TP Support of ISAKMP informational message Authentication failed (24)
    CSCsk89515 Need to componentize F1 software
    CSCsk96804 Traceback in Thread Name: Dispatch Unit with inspect h323
    CSCsk97830 Traceback in thread name Dispatch Unit .
    CSCsl08857 warning message with certificate based authentication
    CSCsl09457 WEBVPN:changing font color for logout page in customization doesn't work
    CSCsl10066 ASDM states ASDM is temporarily unable to contact the firewall
    CSCsl11321 ASA doesn't send coldStart trap when speed/duplex is fixed as 100/full
    CSCsl15013 DHCPrelay broken with 2 DHCPrelay servers when second one out of service
    CSCsl15710 Packet tracer will fail if Special character like '&' in interface name
    CSCsl26135 Memory leak when FTP filter is enabled
    CSCsl29971 L2TP: Show vpn-sessiondb remote output incorrect
    CSCsl32884 FTP Traffic may break while logging memory allocation errors
    CSCsl33289 WebVPN: Implement SSHv2 plugin without relying on AppGate/Mindterm
    CSCsl34791 WebVPN: Traceback in Thread Name: Dispatch Unit
    CSCsl43246 L2TP with EAP authentication In use List count session slowly leaking
    CSCsl46990 Failover log message shown upon reload without any FO config.
    CSCsl51292 IPSEC VPN tunnel on 8.0.3 fails every couple days
    CSCsl51797 ASA traceback in AAA thread
    CSCsl57533 setting privilege for capture does not affect "no capture"
    CSCsl57825 clear, show conn options need to remove foreign and local references
    CSCsl59247 Unable to request CRL for trustpoint with only ID certificate
    CSCsl62342 WebVPN: imported content can not be used in customization homepage
    CSCsl66538 ASA "hardware accelerator encountered an error (Invalid PKCS Type)"
    CSCsl71113 DDNS: conf mem w/ DDNS config causes traceback
    CSCsl78110 Downloadable ACL does not get removed from memory in some scenarios
    CSCsl79211 Traceback: AAA task overflow when object-group acls and virtual telnet
    CSCsl80084 password management with iPlanet the user and modify bind fail
    CSCsl80588 Diffie-Hellman spelled incorrectly in syslog 713118
    CSCsl82200 IPSec not encrypting after failover.
    CSCsl82211 Nas-Port attribute different for authentication and accounting in sslvpn
    CSCsl83798 Add timestamp indicating when the show asp drop counters were cleared
    CSCsl84204 Xlate timers for RTP/RTCP on standby unit aren't synched with active
    CSCsl85169 Inspect WAAS causing the memory leak
    CSCsl89537 SIP: Improperly adding some value in From-tag when sending BYE
    CSCsl89653 SIP connection entry not be cleared after sip_disconnect timeout
    CSCsl93003 TACACS+ allow enable command but output has "Command authorization fail"
    CSCsl94183 ASA- Clientless webvpn 'error contacting host' accessing CIFS shares
    CSCsl95043 PIX/ASA: L2TP/IPsec needs both ipsec and l2tp-ipsec in group-policy
    CSCsl95244 Traceback in Dispatch Unit caused by rapid connection successions
    CSCsl95286 Control-plane feature not working for https traffic to-the-box
    CSCsl95856 DHCP learned default route not in route table if other DHCP interfaces
    CSCsl96219 SIP: Failure to associate re-invites to the original SIP session
    CSCsl96502 SIP: sess is not kept around for ACK in response to non2xx final RESP
    CSCsl96584 Syslog 106017 generated when users make a call btwn same segment
    CSCsl99322 Traceback at ids_put in Thread Name: Dispatch Unit
    CSCsm02280 Status says registering but device does not send Register packets
    CSCsm02939 Memory leak while processing SSL transactions
    CSCsm03751 SNMP Coldstart Trap is Only Sent to the Last Configured NMS
    CSCsm05055 PIX traceback occurs when 'established udp 0 0' is enabled
    CSCsm05181 traceback in Thread: vpnfol_thread_msg
    CSCsm09584 EAP l2tp authentication fails if mschapv2 is configured on the same TG
    CSCsm10187 Both Pri/Sec don't send coldstart trap when both units are available
    CSCsm12708 WebVPN: bookmarks that are grayed out cannot find server / DNS issue
    CSCsm13717 SNMP Remote Access MIB crasSessionTable returns incorrect data
    CSCsm14283 ICMP (type 3, code 4) packet not returned from PPPoE interface
    CSCsm17247 H323/NAT-Setup msg with SupportedFeatures extensions malformed after NAT
    CSCsm18305 ability to hide left-panel-apps from Customization Editor
    CSCsm18372 show input hardware queue max counters incorrect
    CSCsm18415 SIP:debug pix process sends update xlate timeout in msce and sec.
    CSCsm18721 WebVPN: webtype TCP option w port set is failing w plugins
    CSCsm21493 SSLVPN : 'vlan' restriction in a group-policy propagated to all policies
    CSCsm21708 DAP: Tunnel Group returns Null after new pin mode challenge
    CSCsm22002 Traceback in qos/qos_rate_limiter while processing pakt with TCP flow
    CSCsm22781 PIX/ASA: RPF(reverse path forwarding)chk fails when PMTUD packet is sent
    CSCsm24798 Single Sign ON not working with WEBVPN for CIFS file share.
    CSCsm25189 Inconsistent behavior for different kind of SIP packets
    CSCsm26011 Traceback on Active occurs when replicating large # of WebVPN sessions
    CSCsm27036 newrdp-plugin ActiveX mode not operational with certificate auth
    CSCsm28153 User missing from accounting message in "debug aaa common #" output
    CSCsm28529 page fault in fover_parse - eip og_rem_objgrp with DFP
    CSCsm29337 Dest unicast address to multicast address NAT not working in 7.x
    CSCsm30926 ASA: Traceback with high voice traffic and voice inspection
    CSCsm31973 SNMP walk on cefcMIBEnableStatusNotification : value returned : 2
    CSCsm32507 External group policy authentication failure with password-management
    CSCsm32904 Login fails when CRL not cached
    CSCsm32972 SNMP Counters Get Stuck on Repeated Polls
    CSCsm33052 Total memory shown in asdm_handler is incorrect
    CSCsm33440 Java WebStart: JNLP jar links with absolute URLs are not rewritten
    CSCsm33600 Keep secinsp*.jar in cache directory when CSD is disabled
    CSCsm36660 DHCP Server: Must send DHCP decline if DHCP proposes in-use address
    CSCsm36857 External group-policy via Radius can cause duplicate IP assignment
    CSCsm37151 skinny inspection blocking pinhole w/ high skinny load on rsvp agent
    CSCsm39241 PIX/ASA: Traceback in Thread Name: netfs_thread_init
    CSCsm39292 sporadic java_io_exceptions with Citrix over WebVPN
    CSCsm39467 fsck & erase commands are broken
    CSCsm39781 ASA High CPU under certain configuration conditions
    CSCsm40251 ASDM falsely shows interface status as down/down
    CSCsm41986 Need to handle fragmented IP packets with 8-byte first frag
    CSCsm42296 SSH plugin--option to open another window to the portal
    CSCsm44988 ASA does not send authentication request to http-form aaa-server
    CSCsm45009 when adding nested objgrp used by ACL, it may hang after no memory
    CSCsm45722 SIP:Caller's RTP/RTCP timeout should set to sip_invite
    CSCsm46182 DHCP Client: Device's DHCP client does not renew when lease expires
    CSCsm46248 ASA traceback in netfs thread unit
    CSCsm46880 Aware HTTP Server: memory leak
    CSCsm47185 traceback when an interface configured for IPV6 changes to link up state
    CSCsm47266 JNLP files need to be validated by the browser
    CSCsm48386 ASA with local command authorization not able to download conf from AUS
    CSCsm48412 SSL rec paramater list continues to grow without boundaries.
    CSCsm48698 SIP: 4xx for a transaction should not remove the dialog
    CSCsm49741 Clientless SSl VPN: Max session timeout popup not displayed
    CSCsm50135 Memory leakage caused by catcher_recv_packet_have_sa
    CSCsm50433 WebVPN: Portal icon for "Open in new window" & "Access denied"
    CSCsm50494 Device is not able to process CRL with extension CRL number > 65535
    CSCsm51093 Cannot establish WebVPN session to ASA-5550 - memory allocation error
    CSCsm51459 GTP: IMSI prefixing doesn't work with 2 digit MNC
    CSCsm51620 SIP: Cleanup conn flags usage in inspect SIP
    CSCsm54473 standby box is unable to sync config and reloads with acl config
    CSCsm55261 Cannot establish WebVPN session to ASA-5510 - memory allocation error
    CSCsm55447 ASA/WebVPN Citrix sessions randomly dropped
    CSCsm55520 ASA Traceback in Thread Name: vpnfol_thread_msg when using citrix-plugin
    CSCsm55947 Failover interface missing from ifTable
    CSCsm56957 Traceback occurs in Dispatch Unit with QoS
    CSCsm57920 H323: inspection on video call may cause traceback within 5 min
    CSCsm59304 SIP: INVITE not passing after failover
    CSCsm61494 SIP: Inspection may open unknown port "50195"
    CSCsm61775 SIP: Unnecessary xlate created after a voice device hands over
    CSCsm62080 ASA 8.0 webvpn corrupts radius request when using domain
    CSCsm62831 SIP: Unneeded half-open xlate entry is generated
    CSCsm63108 2048 blocks depleted with swebsense url-filtering enabled
    CSCsm64838 Traceback occurs in Dispatch Unit with and L2TP/PPP
    CSCsm65236 Session DB not maintaining NAC counter correctly.
    CSCsm66887 Nas-Port attribute differs for authentication/accounting for l2tp/ipsec
    CSCsm66982 PIX/ASA: L2TP session should not establish when authorization fails
    CSCsm67157 show local-host brief output should be different from show local-host
    CSCsm67466 Apply Control-plane ACL fail, need clear/apply it again to work properly
    CSCsm68097 SSH resource exhausted preventing further sessions
    CSCsm69116 L-L tunnels still failing upon IP addr change on peer.
    CSCsm70077 SIP:Local/Local connection entry is created
    CSCsm70246 SIP: Duplicate "mi" connections when receiving REINVITE
    CSCsm71634 SIP:xlate timeout for caller's RTP/RTCP should be sip_invite
    CSCsm71772 Memory leak in 141824 size block when using cut-through authentication
    CSCsm73565 Traceback in Thread Name Dispatch Unit during network scan
    CSCsm73654 Syslog 111111 appears when both active/standby units reload at once
    CSCsm75212 Traceback in Thread Name: IKE Daemon (Old pc 0x0050a493 ebp 0x0346e)
    CSCsm77958 Traceback in "IP Thread" when clientless webvpn started.
    CSCsm80984 show version displaying wrong value for total RAM
    CSCsm82753 Phase 2 fails if PFS is required. - ASA -IOS l2tp IPSEC
    CSCsm82803 webvpn load balancing presents wrong certificate after reboot
    CSCsm82887 FO: IPSec RA session not replicated if addr pool defined in group policy
    CSCsm83007 WebVPN: Message body is blank when sent w/ Firefox via Lotus iNotes Web
    CSCsm83098 SIP:Fails to create m connection when ACK to 407 is lost
    CSCsm83636 CPU hog during config sync
    CSCsm85736 shutdown interface e0/6 triggers interface e0/0 shutdown on ASA5505
    CSCsm85872 snmp trap for PHYSICAL interface is not sent when a port goes down.
    CSCsm86156 ROMMON needs reset all the nic before launch a tftped image.
    CSCsm87351 simultaneous accounting - the request are not forwarded to FAILED serve
    CSCsm88116 SIP:Fails to update to-tag when recevied no-2xx response
    CSCsm88389 SSHV2 plugin: Authentication window mimimizes by default.
    CSCsm90015 CLI 'no accounting-mode' appears in all Radius aaa-server configs
    CSCsm90239 ASA traceback in Unicorn Admin Handler Thread
    CSCsm90267 SIP: media pinholes not opened when callers SDP is sent in ACK
    CSCsm91261 Traceback in 'ssh' thread
    CSCsm92266 Traceback may occur when AAA command authorization is enabled
    CSCsm92394 DMA memory not displayed in 'show tech-support'
    CSCsm92423 Memory leak found in DTLS
    CSCsm92450 DHCP Client: ASA dhcp client renew/rebind timer calcs are skewed
    CSCsm93071 5505: 'no buffer' and 'input error' not correct on InternalData0/0
    CSCsm93115 Memory leak in DMA free crypto memory
    CSCsm95023 DMA memory tracking tool needs deeper stack trace
    CSCsm95102 Traceback may occur under stress with high vpn session count
    CSCsm95204 Add conn timeout value to "show conn" output
    CSCsm95566 EIGRP: Does not send ALL redistributed static routes to peer devices
    CSCsm95593 Accounting-start sent before access-request for L2TP VPN
    CSCso00670 Move ssl debug commands from menu to real CLI
    CSCso01090 ASA5505:copy config from disk0:/ to running-config makes int e0/0 down
    CSCso03100 SSL cache entries timing out prematurely
    CSCso03288 Drop counter is not increased when queued out-of-order packet is dropped
    CSCso03722 L2TP/IPSec session increases MIB active user statistics
    CSCso05327 Cert from 3k imported into ASA causes Hardware error on use
    CSCso05797 ASA stops accepting L2TP/IPSec connections with rsa-sig
    CSCso06690 ASA memory leak in 0x089a27a5 <cifs_browse_server_sync+1349>
    CSCso07025 Memory is leaked whenever directory is opened.
    CSCso08301 help threat-detection is missing info for configuring TD shun timeout
    CSCso08335 ISAKMP: Add syslog when Aggressive mode aborted when Spoof Protection
    CSCso08950 SSL decrypt failure w/ 4k+ SSL record
    CSCso08954 Traceback in Unicorn Proxy Thread (Old pc 0x08acb2dc <fiber_yield+92> )
    CSCso10037 Password-management is ignored when external group-policy used in TG
    CSCso10078 Traceback occurs when wr mem command is entered
    CSCso10129 PIX puts user in unusable prompt when webvpn attributes command is used
    CSCso10876 ASA Completes SSL Handshake With Non-Authorized HTTPS Clients
    CSCso12973 help comment for default exceed-mss should be allow
    CSCso15583 Traceback when many remote peers try to establish ipsec L2L tunnels
    CSCso17518 Traceback with 200+ ldap group memberships and radius accounting
    CSCso17578 VPNLB: WebVPN client cannot connect to VPN load-balancing cluster
    CSCso17659 SYSLOG - IPSec PHASE 1 COMPLETED msg should be level 5 not 3
    CSCso17900 DFP may not background free due to memory calculation
    CSCso17920 SIP media connection cannot be created more than 13 when PBX is used
    CSCso18239 Certificate authentication failing because of the certificate size
    CSCso18757 SNMP crasSessionTable Remote Access MIB returns some incorrect entries
    CSCso19998 AnyConnect logging does not show ASSIGNED IP address, only source IP
    CSCso20009 ASA DHCP proxy not working for L2TP connections
    CSCso20053 (set_exptime) Timer not a leaf 5f6e1c4 msg while making IPSec conn
    CSCso21019 SNMP crasSessionTable Remote Access MIB incorrect EncryptionAlgo
    CSCso21063 l2tp/ipsec client on IOS - tunnel does not go up when behind nat
    CSCso25872 Should check validity of TCP packet for TCP_HCLOSED status
    CSCso26240 Not able to configure redundant subinterfaces in multicontext
    CSCso28619 collated cpu profile output refers to non-existent fcn ___gnu_compiled_c
    CSCso29663 Add diagnostic code in NAT Xlate module
    CSCso31237 Traceback - executing "show skinny"
    CSCso31622 WebACLs "log disable" changes ACE to "log informational internal 300"
    CSCso33343 5505: CPU usage averages 60+% on idle device
    CSCso33791 VPNC: Erroneous Tunnel Rejected Syslog when connecting
    CSCso33873 L2TP/IPsec connection cannot pass data
    CSCso35664 http server leaks AWARE contexts
    CSCso36070 Value returned by sysServices MIB is incorrect
    CSCso37056 Memory leak when generating Diffie-Hellman keys.
    CSCso38662 snmp_write( ): error generating IPSec Flow Stop trap generated to consol
    CSCso38702 IPSec Pass-through breaks after enabling RA VPN on ASA
    CSCso40520 re-INVITE is dropped when it's exceeded 119ch after establishing 400ch
    CSCso41122 WebVPN Citrix connection should disable idle timeout and Nagle
    CSCso41232 traceback while executing 'show skinny'
    CSCso42643 WebFO: WebVPN sessions not replicated until after FO forced
    CSCso43574 Show conn will put all ICMP sessions in one line as console output
    CSCso43850 enhance redun ifc as failover ifc to handle comm failure after reload
    CSCso45553 We need an ability to mount ramdisc to ramfs
    CSCso47942 with the fix for CSCsk01426 - RST should be sent
    CSCso51780 INtegration from tls needs to be done (smart-tunnel CLI)
    CSCso52947 L2TP/IPSec Phase 2 Rekey fails with IOS 1841 router
    CSCso55494 Traceback in PPP callback from AAA thread
    CSCso58409 'vpn-sessiondb logoff all' does not logoff embryonic sessions
    CSCso60605 ISAKMP : ASA installs permit rule with the interface network mask
    CSCso63159 Traceback in fover_thread while testing licensing regression scripts
    CSCso65634 ASA image not recognizing disk1 after reload
    CSCso79675 After CSD Host scan AAA doesn't execute on ASA with group-url
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