New Interim ASA5505 Software. v8.0.3(19) RELEASED

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    Another release from cisco for the ASA5505. this software update includes 99, YES 99 fixed Caveats!

    A Cisco Software TAC is required to get the download.


    Revision: Version 8.0.3(19) – 6/17/2008

    File: asa803-19-k8.bin

    Defects resolved since

    CSCsk08454 ASA 8.0 fails to send TACACS request over L2L tunnel
    CSCsk27107 ldap CRL retrieval fails - ldap-default not used
    CSCsk63633 WebVPN: ERROR: Invalid tunnel group name <certs> during replication
    CSCsl10052 new L2TP sessions are denied after %ASA-4-403103 is seen in the logs
    CSCsl32785 Traceback in Thread Name: pix_flash_config_thread
    CSCsl52895 ASA 7.2.3 number of IPSec SA not replicated in failover unit
    CSCsl95928 High CPU utilization due to OSPF
    CSCsm01524 Outlook, Outlook express email proxy functionality broken in 8.0.2
    CSCsm10353 AnyConnect password that contains brackets <> will fail authentication
    CSCsm39805 Unable to configure http access in order to manage ASDM
    CSCsm50856 L2L: Phase 2 SA fails when both sides try to initiate at the same time.
    CSCsm65019 Websense encryption is not supported error on ASA
    CSCsm70101 Unable to apply priority command in policy map while configuring QOS-ASA
    CSCsm71691 Plug-in client fails when the Citrix farm is set with heightened encrypt
    CSCsm82893 Existing Local CA Users are deleted when modifying User Database
    CSCsm86644 sunrpc tcp inspect fragment reassembly fails in certain cases.
    CSCsm87035 DHCP Relay: offer msg is not egressing to ASA interface going to another
    CSCsm87892 ASA 5505 Interface Hangs
    CSCsm92275 SQL inspection rewrites IP addresses embeded in SQL data
    CSCsm92613 ASP drop capture missing type for vpn-handle-error
    CSCso03582 Overrun counter increments when REINVITE is recevied
    CSCso18045 PKI: session opening checks client-types instead of id-usage setting
    CSCso24494 PIX/ASA: DHCP server fails to respond to Vista DHCPINFORM request
    CSCso35351 Traceback in Thread Name: vpnfol_thread_msg with show run
    CSCso38699 CPU Hog when replicating config to standby unit
    CSCso40008 PIX is sending DN during rekey instead of FQDN
    CSCso40159 Static configured PAT ports are not removed from PAT pool
    CSCso42664 cifs://Macro#1:password_Macro#2@server url, Macro#2 not substituted
    CSCso43026 Traceback in Thread Name: Dispatch Unit (Old pc 0x00223a67 ebp 0x018b
    CSCso43383 SIP:media xlate idle timer is not refreshed when receiving 200ok
    CSCso46028 ASA 8.0 CLI : Unable to edit http-form server
    CSCso48906 DAP User Message not displayed for DfltAccessPolicy
    CSCso50226 PIX/ASA does not send invalid SPI notification for non-existent IPSEC sa
    CSCso50272 PIX/ASA:'vpn-simultaneous-logins 1' prev session disc reason not correct
    CSCso50996 ASA dropping the packet instead of encrypting it.
    CSCso51223 ASA crash in thread logger_save
    CSCso51544 ASA overwirtes default config when rate-interval is set to 600
    CSCso52787 AAA: Radius accounting for mail-proxy SMTPS POP3S fails
    CSCso53162 DTLS crash in TLS fragment handling
    CSCso58622 IPv6: IP services are reachable from the "far side of the box"
    CSCso60533 Non-existing hosts counted towards the license on ASA 5505
    CSCso62906 ASA traceback when running show pim tunnel <interface> command
    CSCso64731 security-association lifetime cannot be removed with no crypto map ...
    CSCso65837 write mem from HTTPS adds no monitor-interface CLIs to startup config
    CSCso66807 Sometimes Group field is missing in UI when connecting using AnyConnect
    CSCso68547 PIX/ASA HTTP inspection: Multiple content-lenght headers issue
    CSCso69141 WebVPN: Password and internal password macro fails
    CSCso73918 WebVPN: Standby Traceback in Thread Name: vpnfol_thread_sync
    CSCso76162 Traceback in Dispatch Unit possibly with tcp proxy
    CSCso76164 Traceback in Dispatch Unit with SSLVPN connection
    CSCso79906 TCP reset sent for AnyConnect session
    CSCso81153 Traceback in dispatch unit with MGCP inspection
    CSCso82264 ASA: icmp inspection may drop icmp error packets
    CSCso84996 ASA truncates CN field at 11 characters if CN contains '@' (W2K CA)
    CSCso85005 WebVPN: No disconnection due to idle timeout when using OWA with IE6
    CSCso85369 CSD: DfltCustomization loaded if pre-login check enabled
    CSCso85433 VPNLB: does't work when using non-default webvpn port 8.0
    CSCso85452 h323 messages on console; performance degrade
    CSCso85492 http redirect doesn't redirect to configured webvpn port if not 443
    CSCso85547 Lack of "ipAdEntIFIndex" MIB value at failover interface
    CSCso87435 NAT-T not working when client source port not 4500 with ACL match
    CSCso90892 RDP client with MAC OS using Firefox and safari fails to open
    CSCso91010 ASA doesn't send RootCA cert in chain
    CSCso91051 WebVPN: Broken logic with Passcode caption in the portal
    CSCso91190 Race condition in static NAT deletion
    CSCso93088 Fragmented multicast traffic gets repeated and corrupted
    CSCso94098 SIP:"o="address in SDP is not translated when "c=" is in all media desc.
    CSCso97405 ASA should allow configurable MSS or use from MTU for to-the-box traffic
    CSCsq00551 CSD: It will show "please wait..." instead of providing the logon page
    CSCsq03137 Traceback at thread emweb/https
    CSCsq07395 Adding shaping service-policy fails if policy-map has been edited
    CSCsq08990 PIX/ASA certificate authorization fails if UPN is not last attr in SAN
    CSCsq09925 Assertion failure in thread name vpnfol_thread_msg and nested page fault
    CSCsq11726 Traceback in PPP callback from AAA thread (UPAP/PAP)
    CSCsq12934 Auth proxy fails w/ "too many pending auths" in syslog
    CSCsq13321 Failover unit rebooting itself and crashfile generated
    CSCsq14358 ASA: traceback in Thread Name: netfs_thread_init
    CSCsq17879 Memory leaks while parsing subject alternate name (SAN) from a cert
    CSCsq18133 Standalone AnyConnect prompts for user/pass instead of user cert
    CSCsq19369 ASA WebVPN Traceback Old pc 0x081da23f ebp 0xc9634fd0
    CSCsq22716 Threat Detection - incorrectly classifying drops as scanning threat
    CSCsq24213 ASA HEAP memory leak in ldap_client_root_dse_get
    CSCsq27132 Top 10 Access Rules show multiple lines for same ACL
    CSCsq27193 ASA HEAP memory leak in webvpn_ParseURL
    CSCsq29263 Case Sensitivity of Issuer check for certificates on ASA
    CSCsq33551 SIP/ACK session remains if ASA receives ACK as the 1st packet
    CSCsq35987 ASA 7.2/8.0: "dhcpd auto_config" breaks L2TP split-tunneling on Win XP
    CSCsq37050 PPPoE causing routing change on identity interface
    CSCsq40755 CSD: WebVPN users get stuck in login loop when CSD enabled
    CSCsq42302 With very small probability legitimate cmd is rejected by ASA
    CSCsq43283 ASA traceback in thread webvpn_session_free
    CSCsq46120 Traceback in PPP AAA callback routines when DFP is enabled
    CSCsq47894 POP3s email proxy stuck with zero window to POP3 server during mail read
    CSCsq50310 Management intf forward BPDU to the layer 2 FW
    CSCsq50448 Traceback in Thread Name: netfs_thread_init
    CSCsq50471 Traceback in Thread Name: Unicorn Proxy Thread
    CSCsq57163 SNMP ifSpeed incorrect for internal/data interfaces
    CSCsq60646 SSL VPN: Incorrect handling of HTTP in META HTTP-EQUIV
    CSCsq79363 ASA5505 Host limiting blocks new connections for all hosts once exceeded
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