New Network but no WPA?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jangell2, May 23, 2005.

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    I looked around for a while before making my first post here. We just recently installed the WRT54GS and WPC54GS networking system. This is a home system with both systems running XP Pro. My desktop is wired into port 1 on the back of the router and my wife's laptop is using the network card adaptor.

    I was expecting to be able to use WPA encryption since I had heard that was the best. Sadly I discovered that card does not support it and that means the router can't use it.

    How important is it that we have WPA? We have personal data on the desktop and the laptop is a work computer and she will be accessing confidential work data on it, so this is not a frivolous concern.

    Will Linksys be updating the notebook card to support WPA with a firmware upgrade or do one the 3rd party firmwares already support it? I must admit I'm a little antsy about using 3rd party firmware, since I figure that'l void my Linksys tech support.

    If I stay with WEP, what steps can I take to increase the security. I've seen suggestions to change the SSID on a regular basis, say monthly and to use mac filtering. How is a mac assigned. Is that part of the firmware? How do I find the mac? I just did an ipconfig/all and it doesn't show up there.

    BTW, does using WAP security slow down the throughput or the network?

    thanx for all your help.
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