New PC cannot find others on LAN

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by aawood, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. aawood

    aawood Network Guru Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have the BEFSR41 4 port router-hub, which I've been using with only a few minor problems for a year or two now. Situation is a 3mbit internet connection on WAN to the router, then 1 Win 2K PC connected to it, one spare "file server" Win 2K PC, and two more Win XP PCs via a Belkin router. The file server has no monitor, keyboard or mouse, and is controlled purely via VNC from the main PC.

    My main PC can access the file server with no problems at this point, and the PCs behind the Belkin can access it via the IP number but not the workgroup name, although this isn't really a problem when all's said and done. All PCs can access the internet with no problems.

    The problem we have now is we've had a new person move into the house with their Win XP laptop. Previously she was on dial-up only, with *gulp* AOL. I cleared out the AOL crap, along with a none-functional install of Norton Internet Security, and then set up the PC for the network.

    At first, the laptop wouldn't work at all; the connection kept dropping and returning with approx half-second changes. Checking the Linksys site, I found the problem was because, for whatever reason, the router wouldn't work at 100mb/s full duplex even though all otehrs computers on the network worked fine under these settings. Dropping it to 10mb/s half duplex fixed this, but I mention it in case this is related to my problem now.

    The laptop works correctly in that it can access the internet fine. However, despite having the correct workgroup name set, it can only see itself as a workgroup member. Worse, unlike the two PCs behind the Belkin, it can't even connect to the file server by IP number. In fact, it cannot ping any other member of the network, although it can ping the router, and access its admin page.

    So, to summarise; all PCs seem to be set up correctly, all PCs can access the router and the internet, but one PC can't see any other PC on the network, two can only see the others via IP (although they are acting via a second router,) and one can see the other workgroup PC properly. PC settings have been checked and double-checked, including IP numbers. DHCP is not being used (and yes, all PCs have an assigned IP number) but port forwarding is being used, only for the main PC.

    Any ideas where the problem could lie? I'm at a loss, as everything seems to be set up OK in and of itself.

    Thank you for your time,

  2. royalscam

    royalscam Network Guru Member

    In all pcs and laptop make sure the nics are set up for file and printer sharingand also you will have to make sure the windows firewall is turned off on all the nics. And on the xp machine try changing the simple file sharing setting
  3. aawood

    aawood Network Guru Member

    F&PS is on, and firewall is off already :( I only wish it was that simple!

    Your mention of a "Simple File Sharing" setting is interesting though; I'm not much of an XP guru, and I haven't heard of that setting before, can you give me some information?

    Unfortunately I'm not sure it'll help; the reason the lappy can't read another PCs shared drive is because it can't even see it (no ping response etc.) This problem, whatever it is, goes deeper than that.

    To clarify; the laptop is (with the exception of having a seperate IP number, and using 10mb/s half-duplex) set up exactly the same as the main PC. DHCP is not being used, the gateway, DNS etc settings are the same, the advanced settings are the same, they are both (all) members of the MSHOME workgroup.
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