New Release: V23 beta 08.11.2005 Bug Reports Here!

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Cyberian75, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    new backup/restore code introduced (old backup format is incompatible now)
    Wireless MAC filter crash bug fixed (GUI)
    l7 protocols updated
  2. knight14th

    knight14th Network Guru Member

    Nice, so I'll have to wait until some of you world-weary guys out there have upgraded without brickig the wrt :) Please report fast!

    BTW: Is DDNS fixed now?
  3. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    Backup doesn't crash the HTTPd process anymore! :clap: But unfortunately, logging still do not work.
  4. Sjowhan

    Sjowhan Network Guru Member

    Wow again update.. i'll try (again) tomorrow morning.. Think i'm going to make some screenshots of every setting, so it's easy to put all the settings back :)
  5. Honki

    Honki Network Guru Member

    he same on Version 08/11/2005 under SIPatH->Status->the RTPproxy is empty and not started...

    I report that since 01/11/2005 :sad:
  6. knight14th

    knight14th Network Guru Member

    What about DDNS?
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    kernel logging was removed to save space. Brainslayer is going to add some logging but how much is undecided as yet.
  8. Sjowhan

    Sjowhan Network Guru Member

    What's up with losing the connection on the WAN side (see the previous build-thread for more information)? 5 minutes ago, exactly after 5 hours internet, i got not a connection anymore. Rebooting the router did the trick and connection is stable again..
  9. samueldg

    samueldg Network Guru Member

    Loggin is working in 20051108 beta, perhaps you need:
    1) Reboot router after change Administration->Log settings.
    2) Review your firewall rules.

  10. knight14th

    knight14th Network Guru Member

    DynamicDNS ist still broken.
  11. dellsweig

    dellsweig Network Guru Member

    is there a mirror up?? is down and I want to load 11/08 build
  12. Sjowhan

    Sjowhan Network Guru Member

  13. knight14th

    knight14th Network Guru Member

    Quick and dirty fix for DynamicDNS-issue:
    Simply write into Host Name field (just behind your domain) --interface=ppp0

    example --interface=ppp0
  14. dellsweig

    dellsweig Network Guru Member


    Just flashed in 11/08 build

    Logging now works!!!!!! GREAT
    Backup and restore works cleanly


    Dyndns is not updating (already reported)
    remote access does not work. using https - I get connection refused
    Cannot uncheck box for https on remote access
  15. nite0859

    nite0859 Network Guru Member

    I really hope that the router doesn't drop connection to the internet after X amount of time. To me, this is the most serious bug of all. I have VoIP through Packet8, and if the router is down, so is my phone line. You know, enhanced features are really nice, but if the router disconnects from internet then all of those nice features become less meaningful.

    In the future, I hope to see some kind of enchancement where the router "checks" to see if it is connected to the internet on a periodic basis.

    I love ddwrt especially after experimenting with other firmwares. Brainslayer, if you make this firmware rock solid stable regarding my personal issue with VoIP via Packet8, I will definately send you some money. To show my good faith, I'm sending you $10 right now.
  16. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    Same here. Funny thing is, I didn't have this problem until November 1.

    BTW, logging works after a hard (factory) reset.
  17. bytes2000

    bytes2000 Network Guru Member

    DynDNS works

    Whats wrong with dyndns ?
    I have a WRT54GS v1.0 with Nov, 8 build and its working...

    under ddns tab, Internet IP Address is reporting correctly my ip.

    bte this is my configuration:
    Im using service
    my username
    my pass
    host: your full host: ex.

    Status <- It says nothing... I can just see this label
    type: Dynamic
    wildcard: checked

    I can ping the ipaddres and it reports the correct ip.. dunno whats the problem
  18. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    NTS doesn't always start properly -- it works sometimes, sometimes not. Also, the router/connection just gets "stuck" after a few hours, not able to renew its WAN IP.
  19. Sjowhan

    Sjowhan Network Guru Member

    (1st) NTP does work indeed, after a reboot or setting change, it doesn't work anymore.
    (2nd) Can also apply that the router losts the connection after 3-5 hours, i have scheduled an automatic reboot after 14400 seconds (4hours), this is the only way to have the connection up when i'm sleeping..

    3rd: old settings in 'Port Forwarding' are appearing when clicking on 'add'
  20. devil-strike

    devil-strike Network Guru Member

  21. robmack

    robmack Network Guru Member

    Same symptoms are happening with my router, a WRTR54GS v2. Internet connection freezes after a few hours.
  22. bytes2000

    bytes2000 Network Guru Member

    AP Watchdog = Evil!

    I have an ADSL PPPoE internet connection....

    Yesterday i couldnt associate to my router using a centrino laptop, the process was stuck while authentication (I use WPA)
    and then I couldnt find my router, Wireless was offline because I couldnt detect any Wireless network even with Network Stumbler, my router is using a 15dbi omni so I always have signal..

    I think this is caused by the "AP watchdog"
    * Tested with a desktop computer and network stumbler and had the same problem

    WRT54GS v1.0 @ 08.Nov.05 build
  23. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    Confirmed. :(
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