New setup, BEFSR41,WRT54Gx2 = EASY BRIDGE!

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by trekuhl, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. trekuhl

    trekuhl Network Guru Member

    I posted this over in the WRTxxx forum, but since i am using DD-WRT for this i figure ill put it over here....let me know if you see any issues with this kind of setup or whatnot, so far its been up for a couple days, but until its up for over a month i wont be convinced.

    I had been using two wrt54g with talisman 1.02 and .04 but they would always crap about once a month and would require a flash back to linksys, hard reset, get running again, then flash back to was a real bother. i have been playing with DD-wrt 22 for a couple days on both wrt54g's, but then i decided since I was tired of having wireless issues sometimes at time when i needed to be online (for work) i hardwired a couple pc's to an old BEFSR41 and then uplink to the first wrt54g to prevent myself from having to lose complete access when i went to upgrade or screw araound with the software.


    *WAN/DHCP disabled
    LAN IP
    *Advanced; set routing to RIP2/Interface: LAN & Wireless
    *Wireless; AP mode/mixed signal/braodcast enabled (not running security yet will see how she works for next couple of days) WDS set to LAZY

    WRT54Gv3(1) --> WRT54G(2) both set to AP mode, same SSID & channel, lazy WDS enabled.

    WRT54Gv3(2) (located in basement, two clients wired XP,2k3server)
    settings same as above, except LAN IP set to

    both wired clients are getting DHCP (although, will set manually for RDP when at work) AND my laptop is now picking working DHCP off this AP in basement (im typing on it now!) which is exaclty what i wanted.

    This was similar to what i had in talisman, cept i ran just the two wrt54gs, both in AP, same SSID/channel, disabled WAN in basement. I could never get talisman to a stable working condition for more than a few weeks, it would either not connect to the cox modem (as if it couldnt see DHCP) and require hard resets, flashing back to linksys get IP, then reflash to talisman, or the wireless rates would drop to 1 Mbps and crawl like a snail.

    hopefully this new setup will keep everything running in check. so far, the bridged wrt54g(2) in basment is delivering more than one DHCP (never got that in talisman) azareus is working down here as well ok, can RDP (through net, not just local) to systems on BEFSR41 and WRT54G(2)
  2. schembo2000

    schembo2000 Network Guru Member

    how is the speed for this setup?
  3. trekuhl

    trekuhl Network Guru Member

    it seems fine to me...if you point me towards a direction of a good test method for the connection (i assume you mean the wireless) then i can give you results...
  4. schembo2000

    schembo2000 Network Guru Member

    yes wireless. Maybe you can use something like sisoft sandra's network test?
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