New Static IP address won't let me on 'net

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jft7032, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. jft7032

    jft7032 Guest


    A newbie to Linksys routers, my WRT54GS was working swimmingly well after some initially tweaking to get online.

    With home abutting office (just two walls away) where the new router is installed on a desk top, I loved the wireless revolution and using my laptop at home.

    Suddenly, my orignial static IP (in the 192 range, which seems genric, no?) switched to a new IP ( No changes were made to the office router.

    While the signal still is strong (through a couple of walls from router), I now get only 1 Mpbs transfer; I'm off the net.

    I tested my Atheros internal wireless card and the reading I got for my network failure is as follows:

    "You have not configured your computer to use the client adpater. Solution: Try to renew the IP address."

    What gives, folks?

  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Without going into grave detail, that IP is an operating system assigned ip. If you are using static ip's then you will need to reassign an ip to your wireless adapter. If you are using dhcp its because you wireless adapter no longer setup correctly for the router. As so why it happened, who really knows just double check all of your settings and you should be back online in no time.
  3. regex_1

    regex_1 LI Guru Member

    As ifican stated that is a os assigned ip, that means that your nic was not set to a static IP. The routers dhcp might be down or your nic is not working right. Try to release and renew your ip.

    >start >run >cmd >enter >ipconfig /release >ipconfig /renew
  4. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    Did you decide on static for any specific reason? If so, make sure you know the routers IP address ( is default) and make sure DHCP is either on or that you set the wireless adapter static within the same subnet (192.168.1.X). Depending on your SSID if its set to linksys it could be connecting to a neighbor who left theirs at the default as well which could explain the problems as well.
  5. binderz77

    binderz77 Network Guru Member

    The range IP address is assigned by windows because it has Alternate Configuration enabled in the TCP/IP properties. So whenever you loose wireless signal and the computer (client ) cannot get a dhcp address, windows assigns itself a private IP address in the range of (referred to as APIPA). As suggested by regex_1 ">start >run >cmd >enter >ipconfig /release >ipconfig /renew " should solve your problem.

    You might want to check the strength of your wireless signal if this happens frequently!!!
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