New to forum, Lynksis-G has never worked

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gtolou, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. gtolou

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    Instead of throwing this thing (back) in the corner (non-working linksys router) - I've decided to try and get it working. Have considered the Geek squad.

    Sticker on unit says "Wireless-G 2.4Ghz (54Mbps) broadband router. It is a least a year old.

    Computer is a PC w/ XP (I guess) and I use DSL - w/ westell router. Internet WITHOUT the linksys is fine. Never a problem.

    1) I would guess it is a problem w/ my windows/internet explorer settings. I have the set up CD, it's NEVER been able to set it up. I am pretty sure that the wiring, etc. is fine.

    2) Question - I am not terrible strapped for money, should I pitch this unit and get one more up to date???

    Thanks much, Lou
  2. Macskeeball

    Macskeeball LI Guru Member

    First, two sidenotes:
    -From a number of people, I have heard bad things about Geek Squad in general (known invasions of customer privacy, generally not very knowledgeable, and a rip-off).
    -I also recommend using Firefox instead of IE, because it's an all-around better browser, especially with the upcoming version 3.

    You don't need the CD. Just point your browser to
    Default password is admin, and leave the user blank.

    As a DSL user, you will probably need to set up PPPoE on your router.
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    All of the above is good, first off make sure you can log into your router as listed above. We need to get that far then we can move on from there.
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