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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by cmk8321, May 24, 2005.

  1. cmk8321

    cmk8321 Network Guru Member

    Hello all, im new to the whole wireless router game and i wanted to see if it was possible to do something... Right now I have my linksys router hooked up to my computer... but I wanted to sell my desktop and get a laptop for portablity in my house.... is it possible to have my router stand alone next to my modem to give me a wireless connection and for my printer to be set up to it as well.
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Do you have ICS setup on your desktop and have the WRT54G connected to the second NIC on your desktop. The modem is now attached to your first NIC on your desktop. You sre eliminating the desktop and will be connecteing the modem to the WRT54G. Do I have it described correctly? First who is your ISP and what type of modem is it? It it is a telephone modem, it will not work, since the WRT54G cannot connect to a telephone modem without modification. If it is a DSL modem, does it use PPOE or just a DHCP client? Does your modem have a router in it? If it is a DSL modem using PPOE with a router is it bridge mode and are you using PPOE through Windows? If it is a cable modem you may have to clone the MAC address. Please describe how you connect and the modem first.
  3. anet25

    anet25 Network Guru Member

    Yes, u can use ur wireless laptop to connect to the router or u can purchase a external wireless device for the laptop and make it wireless. Generally a linksys router b or g - series covers an area of about 50-60 feets.
    Moreover u can connect the printer to some computer and then share it on a n/w. If u want to use the printer wireles connected directly to the router I think u will have to purchase the print server...
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