New Tomato firmware for D-Link DIR-865L AC1750 router

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by vineyard, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. brm9999

    brm9999 New Member Member

    Hi guys, new here. Just quick question, is WDS possible with Vineyards firmware? I'd like to wirelessly connect with my 865L to existing router, and then use 856L wirelessly and wired. Is this possible?
  2. Oceanxxx

    Oceanxxx New Member Member

    Hi Vineyard,
    I was unable to telnet to my router IP at all.
    it says connection failed in cmd.
    and connection rejected in putty.
    I assume there is a setting in 865L that needs to be enabled?

    Many thanks of you on the efforts made on this 865L which really is a gem for those who are still using this router.

    Thank you!

    was able to telnet now after reset.
    maybe telnet server died as my router is always on or due to some configs on the router.
    but how do i get the file from the router?
    sorry for being a noob on this =x

    # dd if=/dev/mtd0 of=/tmp/cfe.bin
    17272+0 records in
    17272+0 records out

    after being forced to do a setting after login to 865L dlink interface, the telnet server disappears again lol? so i guess the only way to access it is via hard reset the router
    the logins are here for those who needs it.

    The default telnet credentials are Alphanetworks (user) and wrgac01_dlob.hans_dir865 (password).
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  3. Oceanxxx

    Oceanxxx New Member Member

    i must be doing something wrong =_=
    kept on getting this error

    Firmware Upload Fail
    Invalid image file. Please select the correct image file and upload it again.
  4. Oceanxxx

    Oceanxxx New Member Member

    ok, finally figured out the process of loading the trx onto the 865L

    STEP1. Download the trx from vineyard's 1st post.

    STEP2. Force the router to emergency mode (my remarks are in BOLD)
    1. Plug the Ethernet cable that connects your computer, that was plugged into one of the LAN ports,
    2. Setup your PC with static IP - ex: (different from
    3. Make sure the PC has the new firmware
    4. Unplug the power
    5. Hold the reset button for 3~5 seconds and re plug the power WITHOUT RELEASING THE RESET BUTTON.
    (only release the button once u see the power light flash on and off red)
    6.Open a web browser to and then you should see EMERGENCY FLASHING page then click browse/upload locate the file and click UPLOAD FIRMWARE NOW
    (you need to wait about 1min for the router to boot up before u can access the web address, you can use cmd to ping to test)
    7. You should see a SUCCSESS page, If you don’t then re do steps 2-6

    Load the V04 or V05 depending on your requirements. AIO or no web server.
    you need to wait about 5-10 mins for the fireware to update and boot up before going to the next step. meantime, set you ip to or 192.168.1.x (as long as not 1, as that's router's address, change gate way to if u had set it to previously )

    STEP4. Using internet explorer (firefox has problem opening up the page somehow) to set the settings of you new tomato firmware


    cheers and peace out. =D

    hope this helps other 865L users trying to install the trx provided by vineyard! =D
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  5. crashnburn

    crashnburn Network Guru Member

    Could the same method be used for.. 860L? Where do things stand for the DIR 860L for Tomato?

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