New use for old wag54g (WDS repeater to VPN)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jawdrops, Sep 29, 2006.

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    Having just brought on stream a voyager 2500v adsl modem, that I wanted for its voip facilities and compatibility with BT, I was left wondering what to do with my trusty c2 year old wag54g (v1 I think). I have always had difficulty getting a signal through-out my house as I have computers in the loft room and so the signal has two floors to travel through.....

    I decided to try and use the linksys as a repeater...this works but only after quite a bit of trial and error, and numerous visits to forums. I thought I'd share with you some of the stuff it took me a while to track down....

    1) Firstly I was running 1.03.0.beta4 version of firmware. On this the mac address transmitted by by voyager was detected but save settings always reset it to 00:00:00:00. Looking at a forum I found a post that suggested 'upgrading' to a previous version. I used 1.02.5 and the wds function let me enter the wireless mac address from my voyager (note: this can/will be different from the lan address)

    2) I read that it is best to turn security off (wep/wpa/encrpytion) whilst debugging the setup - obviously at your own risk! (I'm going to try and restore now it's all working).

    3) Set the channels to be the same.

    4) Scan for the repeater modem on the adsl host

    5) At this point I unhooked the physical connections I had made between modems, and took the linksys down to the middle floor, and fired up again.

    6) Taking the laptop down to the ground floor, I detected the Linksys and in no time at all I was surfing via the Linksys to the Voyager....and via a vpn to remote networks.

    All in all a good use for an old router/modem!!
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