New Version of WPC54G listed on FCC filing site

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Mediamon, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. Mediamon

    Mediamon Network Guru Member

    Found FCC filings for the following revisions of the WPC54G:


    Version 5 listed with a 11/17/2004 filing date.

    And any ideas when version 5 will be available retail?

    Regarding Version 5:

    All Exhibits are dated 11/17/2004

    On the photo exhibit I see a large 'M' logo silkscreened on the chip. Who might be the chipset manfacturer for this version 5?

    And I see ADT (Advance Data Technology) referred to in some of the exhibits, Are they the OEM or the design house?

    The 'Operational Description' Exhibit for the V.5 card does not provide any info as to features or benefits as compared to version 4 or previous versions. The Exhibit states the card is a 802.11g adapter with max data rate of 54Mbps if ODFM technique applied. If S/N ratio is poor then 11MBps with CCK technique will be applied. Antenna type is printed Antenna withut connector. That's all.

    I'm reading sections of the manual right now to see if I can see anything regards to new features or updated specs.

    V.5 User Guide shows:

    The specs page is quite light.

    Adapter supports AES, TKIP, 802.11x. (also supports WEP but I don't care - I use WPA/WPA2 only. You should too).

    The user guide shows how to configure the card via the Linksys WLAN Monitor Utility.

    The utility supports configuration for three WPA modes:
    WPA-PSK, WPA Radius, and Radius.

    WPA-PSK offers two encryption methods: TKIP and AES, with Dynamic Encryption keys.

    Radius-PSK gives two choices of encryption methods: TKIP and AES.

    WPA Radius offers two encryption methods: TKIP and AES with Dynamic Encryption keys.

    WPA-RADIUS and RADIUS support five Authentication Methods:

    There is an incorrect reference on pg 34 in Appendix B. Refers to 'Radius-PSK' where it should be 'WPA-PSK' as it is earlier on pg 20.

    The user guide does refer to Win98SE and WinMe briefly in the appendix so it possible the card may support these older OS versions. But not sure with which security implmentation.

    Looks like the v.5 user guide may be a revision of v. 4 user guide as one of the footers refers to the previous version 4. The guide seems to be quite generic in presenting any technical info and may be full of boilerplate text
    just for the FCC filing purposes.

    No info provided on which chipset utilized in v.5. If anyone knows more about thie new version of the WPC54G product please post.

  2. Mediamon

    Mediamon Network Guru Member

    Found a newer WPC54G 'version3"

    After further inspection of WPC54G FCC filings I found that version 3 (which I had not previously heard of) has a filing date of 3/29/05. That is a more recent filing than for the higher numbered v.5 (11/17/04).

    The v.3 internal photo shows the PC card with a Broadcom BCM4318EKFBG chip (number is a bit blurry and not sure of last three characters). Another chip looks like from SiS, but not sure. I suppose the chip numbers are blurred a bit for the same reason the block diagrams or schematics are not made available ;-)

    What is it about all these different unannounced version releases with the same model number? Updated technology? Or same technology in a less expensive package? This is confusing!

    So far I found:

    v.1 = Broadcom (v.1.2 also?)
    v.2 = TI
    v.3 = Broadcom (is it available?)
    v.4 = Inprocomm (no website for this company?)
    v.5 = Broadcom (is it available?)

    Anyone with info on which WPC54G version offers which features and benefits and the serial numbers for each. A comparison chart anyone?

  3. jhowarth

    jhowarth Network Guru Member


    I have a WMP54G v4 and am accessing WPA2 on my WRT54G with the
    Ralink 3.0.3 driver (which I had to go through some contortions to
    install with the update driver mechanism but it works fine). I believe
    if you look in the contents of the 2.2.7 Linksys driver, it has the
    RT2500.sys driver file present (an older one without WPA2 support).
    I certainly hope v5 of the WMP54G is released soon because it seems
    to be the only way we are going to get a driver update out of Linksys
    with WPA2 support. Really pathetic support.
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Re: Inprocomm=Ralink?

    Now that Linksys has released firmware updates to the most of its 802.11G routers to support WPA-3, you can expect the drivers for the wireless NICs to come out supporting WPA-2. In fact the driver for the WPC54GX has WPA-2 support in the latest version, which came out about four weeks before the firmware for the WRT54GX with WPA-2 support. So there is some hope for WPA-2 support. My WPC54GX has a Aegis Protocol (IEEE 802.1X) version 3.2.03 installed. I do not think Linksys employs a large staff to write their drivers. Maybe you can get a level three support person to set you a beta driver, if it is available and you explain your need politely. I got some beta firmware and drivers that way.
  5. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    There was a posting that the Version 4.0 has a posting date later than that if the Version 5.0. For anyone interested the URL for the FCC site follows:

    Search for devices with the Q87 and PKW prefixes. They both are Linksys prefixes.
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