New Video (WRV200-to-WRV54G VPN Tunnel)

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by DocLarge, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    If anyone is interested, I just uploaded a video in the downloads section showing how to establish a vpn tunnel between the wrv200 and the wrv54g.

    Granted, I "F'd up" in one particular area, but the recovery was nice :) . Basically, I hit MD5 in one area when it should have been SHA1 but I played it off while configuring Phase II of the tunnel :)

    Let me know if this is helpful...

    WRV200 and .WRV54G (Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel)

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    nice work Jay.:thumbup:
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I love how much care went into the video and the screen captures, then out of the blue we get scribbles over the IP :). But I have to say very well done and I am quite sure that will help alot of folks down the road. Great job.....
  4. quadriga0428

    quadriga0428 Guest

    Nicely Done!!
  5. kspare

    kspare Computer Guy Staff Member Member

    Jay does an AWESOME job of these videos, he doesn't take enough credit for the work he does and hands it out to everyone else! Take a bow Jay!!!

    No one knows this, but even though I discovered the cause of the wrv200 vpn crash, Jay's excellent video productions are the reason why we got it fixed so fast, he produced one of these videos showing how to reproduce the problem step by step helping linksys and gemtek fix the problem! You are definitly an asset man!!!
  6. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    am denied access to d/l. don't my user rights allow me to d/l the file? shd i do anything specific?
  7. wineguy

    wineguy Network Guru Member

    Same problem as kingvj.
  8. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    knock knock.. anyone home? :-(
  9. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    did you ever get this figured out?
  10. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    hey... its just getting downloaded..!!! thanks doc..!!! cheers..!!!!
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