New WRV54G firmware released v2.37

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by TazUk, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Yep Linksys have released a firmware update for the WRV54G, like previous updates it wipes your config so make sure you right down all your settings before hand ;) I tried backing mine up and then restoring after the update but that didn't work :?

    Changes are as follows :-

    You can download it from :-
  2. opjose

    opjose Network Guru Member

    Buggy for me

    The 2.3x series, including the posted Beta, causes my unit to reboot whenever my network approaches saturation...

    e.g. within 20 seconds of a large file xfer...

    2.21 (and I also believe 2.25) do not do this with my WRV54G.

    I can reproduce this...
  3. Edz

    Edz Network Guru Member

    Is the WRV54G (VPN) reliable as the BEFW11S4

    I would like to try VPN, thus the great interest in the WRV54G.

    I currently use a BEFW11S4, 80211b for two years and it works
    great. It stays up for months at a time, while transferring very
    large file all the time, wireless. I get good service 200+ feet away.

    Does the new WRV54G 2.37 firmware release cause the lockup
    problem when transferring a large file as described in the
    OPJOSE posting ?

    Is the WRV54G (VPN) reliable as the BEFW11S4 ?
  4. opjose

    opjose Network Guru Member

    At least for me it does.

    I did all the standard dianostics, resets, etc. all to no avail with the new software.
  5. Edz

    Edz Network Guru Member

    Anyone one have a spare Linksys WRV54G for tinkering?

    I love to tinker. I also love reliable equipment.

    For my purposes, I need the Linksys WRV54G be as
    reliable as the Linksys BEFW11S4 and do VPN.

    To do that the cloneing of the MAC address is
    important, and sending/receiving large files by
    wireless, etc, is important too.

    How far away were your wireless units ?

    I don't suppose anyone out there has a spare
    Linksys WRV54G that will let me tinker with ?
  6. opjose

    opjose Network Guru Member

    In the tests I ran, the WiFi client unit was a whopping 4 feet away.

    Also I had similiar results with wired client nodes.... however the reboots took longer to manifest.

    Usually with the wired clients, I'd get a reboot from a minimum of every 10 minutes to up to every 2-3 hours dependant upon network load.

    e.g. the more traffic on the network, the more reboots I'd get.
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