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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Frosty99, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Frosty99

    Frosty99 Network Guru Member

    Hello all!

    I just stepped up to a new WRVS4400N and wondering if any of you out there can give me some advice on the following:

    1. Using a Belkin F5D8071 N1 ExpressCard on my laptop, I get a 300Mbps stated connection, and the link works, but the Belkin connection management software shows no link to the router and internet.

    2. I am using HTTPS and port 443 for my remote management but it doesn't connect. I have only tested from inside my own network using https://<dynamic address>:443. If I just type the dynamic address it will connect but shows as http://<dynamic address> I have DoS protection disabled as was required for remote management on the WRV200.

    3. IPSec Tunnel setup... on the WRV200 I could set the Remote Security Gateway to FQDN, but that doesn't seem to be supported in the 4400. Is this due to early firmware?

    4. Seems the number of port range forwarding slots is a little low. I am hoping they will address this in coming firmware releases. What has the release frequency been like for this device?

    5. What version of QVPN is recommended for this router?

    6. Most importantly... can anyone recommend an 802.11n wireless bridge for use with the WRVS4400n?

  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    1) Could be an issue with the wireless chipset in the WRVS4400N
    2) If you haven't done so, try moving up to 1.0.12 to gauge the difference
    3) I've had problems establishing tunnels, but only if the endpoint is behind another nat'd router; this and your issue will be reported
    4) Agreed (increase would be nice)
    5) Try any version prior to 1.0.47 for consistency
    6) Nothing to suggest; maybe other posters will have insight

  3. Frosty99

    Frosty99 Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the reply Jay.

    I upped to 1.0.12 before it even went online.

    I called Belkin to ask about the connection status. Their tech supt advised me not to use thier connection management software and to use the Windows connection manager instead. When I use the Windows stuff, I can't set it for WPA-2 and I only get a 54M connection. The Belkin controller shows a 300Mbps connection. Which I knows isn't right, but it has to be better than the 54M right?
  4. tony4d

    tony4d LI Guru Member

    Did you see this in the latest firware release notes? (taken from here)

    Have you downloaded that windows hotfix? Maybe it won't help at all, or isn't relevant, just saw this the other day and thought of it when I read this thread.
  5. Frosty99

    Frosty99 Network Guru Member

    Yeah I installed the WPA2 hotfix and I go get the 300Mbps connection speed from the Windows Config. However it is unstable. It will tell me the signal strength is low or very low and then drop out totally. I'll have to either reseat the card or try repairing the connection.

    I am not using the Linksys adapter as my laptop only supports ExpressCard and Linksys does not make an 802.11n ExpressCard adapter that I am aware of. I did update the Belkin driver however. Using the Belkin manager I never get the low signal strength dropout.
  6. tony4d

    tony4d LI Guru Member

    Can you comment on how it works with wireless b or g? I plan on buying the WAP4400N (just the access point that's integrated into your router) and for the time being I plan on only using wireless G.

    My hope is, if it works well with b and g I'm cool until I really need to use N, probably not till later this year, at which point hopefully they've solved any of these issues. If they never get it right and they can't update the access point with new N standards, oh well, at least I'd have a good b and g access point.
  7. Infobits

    Infobits LI Guru Member

    Hello, I am also a recent new owner of this WRVS4400N router and also of the WPC4400N adapter card to go with it. I am experiencing continuos wireless drop outs using the Draft-N cards and also with G mode adapters. If I ping my router from any of my wireless laptop PC's (and I have 5 of them) the ping response drops packets every few seconds to few minutes and nothing I have tried fixes this situation. This is with the router set to G/N mode or set to B/G/N mixed mode operation. When I set the router to operate in B/G only mode the ping situation improves and almost stabilizes with an occasional dropped packet every so often.

    But the biggest problem and bug that I have with the router is that whenever I start a file transfer from one wireless PC to another wireless PC using Windows XP shared disks, the router chokes and the ping responses almost literally stop. They give many many "Request timed out" dropped packets error messages.

    I have tried reporting this to Linksys Tech Support. I received a reply from a tech today saying that their router works with all cards and has been tested with all cards (meaning B/G/N) and that they think my router is defective since it cannot handle the wireless traffic load. They recommended that I return my router to the seller for an exchange and said that the next router I get should work fine. I somehow feel I should not bank on that but I started my RMA process today and actually ordered another WRVS4400N router before shipping my defective one back for a refund. The etail store agreed to do that with me without charging a restocking fee. So I am waiting now to get my 2nd new WRVS4400N to try out. I hope indeed it was a defective router that I got the first time around. Because if this 2nd one turns out to behave exactly the same way, then I will know it is a buggy design. Hopefully it is just firmware which can be easily updated. If it is a hardware flaw, Linksys ought to be held responsible to reimburse buyers for a product that does not work as advertised. I am speaking solely about the wireless woes I am experiencing with this router. I have not used the VPN feature yet. As another aside note, I too agree that the firmware's config setup utility menus need more features added... like where is the IP Address Reservations feature? Nice touches like showing all currently associated wireless clients and their assigned IP addresses and MAC are missing too. Also need more port forwarding slots. You get the picture. Sorry for the long winded note... but I have a lot to say right now about how I feel about the money I just invested in Linksys product and I am feeling let down at the moment.
  8. eric_stewart

    eric_stewart Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I agree that the wireless issue is a bit disappointing, but you're not going to know if that was a problem with your original unit until you get the next one, right?

    Also, hate to rain on your parade, but you need to do research into a product before you buy it. The specification sheet, user guide, and release notes for firmware are all available for download from the Linksys site before you decided to shell out your $$ for the product. Granted, there are a lot of "nice to have" features but if they put all those features in a $150.00 router they'd have trouble selling the over $300.00 models wouldn't they? Buy an RV042 and add a Wireless-N access point if you need those features. It'll cost you....

    Anyway, I'm hardly an apologist for Linksys. Neither do I think they have a very impressive track record (lately) with firmware development. If we're going to criticise them we should make sure that it's constructive and that we have all our ducks lined up. I still believe that feature/$ the Linksys boxes are hard to beat.

  9. Infobits

    Infobits LI Guru Member

    Hello Eric, yes I tried my best to keep a positive outlook on this situation. I just am hoping that my next replacement WRVS4400N does not have the wireless problems that I am experiencing with my first unit. So far I have not seen any replys from anyone chiming in saying that they too have this problem. So that is a good sign that maybe the router I got is defective in that respect. Then again, it could be that not that many businesses or people have bought this router and so no one out there can confirm if this issue is wide spread to other WRVS4400N routers or not.

    As for the firmware setup feature set nit-pick, I don't think asking for something as important as IP Address Reservations capability is unreasonable for a business class router. Many of us would like to run a server with a dedicated ip address that is consistently reachable. This feature is included in many lower cost routers (take a look at Dlink's DIR-655 interface, I like theirs the best out of all that I have used and seen so far between the major home router players like Dlink, Linksys and Netgear). Linksys interfaces seem to be lacking these days. I don't know why they water it down.
    I did write an error in my last post requesting the feature to display DHCP clients that are currently connected to the network. Linksys does actually have that feature buried in its status menu --> Local Network --> DHCP Client Table button. So bravo for that one!

    I ran out today to buy and try a WRT-350N router and 2 WPC300N adapter cards. I am very happy with it so far. I am able to adjust the wireless channels on this router such that I am not getting any packet drop outs in my apparently harsh RF wi-fi environment. So far this WRT-350N is the first and only Draft-N router that is able to maintain 100% connectivity in my environment! (There may be others of course, but I have'nt tried them all). The other router that works well is a Pre-N Netgear RangeMax 240. I don't know why the supposedly higher-end business class WRVS4400N router I got fails me here. The WRVS4400N router does give the highest speed readings of 300Mbps and a very excellent RF signal all around my house. In contrast, I can only get 270Mbps max speed readings with the WRT350N router. The Netgear only has a max rating and reading of 240Mbps with strong RF signal also. Of course the highest speed of 300Mbps from the WRVS4400N does not do any good since it is negated by its constant packet drop outs. Too bad. I would venture to say that if they fixed this glaring bug (if it is a bug) in my router, then I would rate it the best Draft-N router with highest speed throughput and strongest RF signal output of any Draft-N router currently out on the market. But alas' I hold off on that rating until I get my 2nd unit to confirm where the bug really is. Thanks for your reply. I will keep a positive hopeful outlook... it will end with I either keep the WRT-350N or whether I keep the replacement WRVS4400N. But of course, I will let y'all know. So stay tuned.
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Infobits, do you have any other Wireless Access points in your area that are affecting the signal within your own Wireless cell. are they transmitting on the same channel as you? have you lowered the Beacon interval?
  11. Infobits

    Infobits LI Guru Member

    Hi Toxic, yes I do have other AP's detected around me. They are weak signals though and yes some are on the same channel that works best for my environment. No matter which wireless router I use I always get the best signal and range with channel 11 for some reason. I get the least drop outs on channel 11 also and yes there are a couple of neighboring AP's on that channel too. But if I switch to any other lower channel 1 through 9, results for me are always worse. So I make it a habit now to stick it on channel 11.

    I believe I did try adjusting the beacon interval once or twice with no difference. I forgot what values I changed it too however.

    But before you go on to blame the other AP's interfere'ing with and causing my drop outs, I have other non Draft-N routers that never drop packets (B and G mode as well as one Pre-N MIMO Netgear Rangemax 240 router). And now also, I splurged on buying a WRT350N Gigabit router and it does not have the wireless PC to wireless PC file transfer dropped packets problem nor does it drop packets as frequently as the WRVS4400N does. The WRT350N like all the Draft-N routers I have tried thus far does still drop packets occasionally but they are now far and few inbetween. The WRVS4400N was/is dropping packets every few seconds intervals to few minutes intervals.

    Although I acknowledge that I might have a harsh RF environment where some neighbor of mine must have something going on/off at intervals, I strongly have come to the conclusion that the WRVS4400N firmware has bugs in it to not perform file transfers from one wireless PC to another wirelss PC. PLEASE NOTE and let me clarify this aspect of the problem... the problem does not happen (well not so bad) when you perform a file transfer between a wired PC to a wireless PC! It (the router) only chokes during wireless PC to wireless PC file transfers! So there definitely is a hardware or firmware bug in the design. I just hope someone at Linksys has the wherewithall to get this fixed... soon.:thumbdown:

    Thank You!
  12. Infobits

    Infobits LI Guru Member

    Follow-up: I received my 2nd replacement WRVS4400N router and have been running and testing it for 3 days now. This second unit does not drop as many packets during my simple continuos "ping -t" tests. In fact it performs just as well as my WRT-350N router which I praised in my other earlier postings,

    HOWEVER, this 2nd WRVS4400N of mine STILL has the major bug of failing to perform any NETBIOS shared file transfer from any wireless PC to any other wireless PC. A major bug with this router.

    Someone else has also pointed out that they too have the same problem with their WRVS4400N router, so I am not alone in this bug report now. Please understand that I am reporting this stuff in the interest of making Linksys and the user community aware of the problem so that the problem can be fixed, not to put down Linksys. If anyone on this board really does have contacts with Linksys development to pass this bug along to them for high priority fix, then PLEASE do so. I have done my part reporting it to you all and to Linksys myself personally. I hope Linksys will repsond to this quickly. I really thought that the level of interest in this router would be higher than it seems to be in this forum site... as it seems, I get the impression no one cares about it. Either all users who bought it have returned the router and lost interest in it or they just gave up on it. I hope not because as I said, this router does seem to have potential to be a really great router if they can shake the bugs out of it.
  13. moshi16

    moshi16 LI Guru Member

    HI! I used to have this problem but when I disabled WMM (found on the Wireless Advanced page), the problem disappeared. I was successful transferring a 300MB file from my wireless pc with WPC4400N and a a wireless desktop with WUSB54GX4.
  14. Infobits

    Infobits LI Guru Member

    Hi, I will give that a try with my new router... although I think I did try disabling that WMM before on my first router and it did not work.

    You know I just did another round of tests with file transfering between two wireless PC's. I get total disaster whenever any one of the PC's is using a Linksys Draft-N adapter (either the WPC4400N or the WPC300N) as the PC's NETBIOS session just hangs up and freezes as well as watching my ping tests start timing out and dropping packets. BUT! One test I tried tonight that I thought I had tried before (but maybe not) in my anguish over this dilema, is that I REMOVED all Draft-N adapters from my laptop PC's and used their built in 802.11G adapters. I had to reboot each PC as the Linksys Draft-N file transfer failures leave the Windows XP laptops in a very unstable and corrupted state (note that!). Anyhow, after rebooting and getting my built-in 802.11G adapters to connect from each wireless laptop... I performed the NETBIOS file shared transfer tests again. And the PC's did not lock up this time and they actually performed the transfers without causing my going ping test screens to show timed out packets!

    So wireless PC to wireless PC file transfer seemed to work now only when not using the Linksys Draft-N adapters. Hmmmm.

    Anyone have ideas why? I need to tell Linksys Tech Support about this new finding for their trouble determination and fixing.

    Someone else please confirm if your router behaves the same way? Thks!
  15. Infobits

    Infobits LI Guru Member

    I had tried to disable the WMM again and that does not solve the wireless dropped packets problems. I give up with this buggy router and am returning it as Linksys Tech Support has no fix for it at this time and won't say when or if it can ever be fixed. Even more bad news is that I am also returning the Linksys WRT350N router and its matching adapter cards because it also is buggy when trying to use a connected USB hard drive to it. It's storage sharing feature is not reliable and constantly locks up and causes the router to drop all connectivity to both wired and wireless PC's. Returned to Circuit City for refund today. Sorry Linksys, your Draft-N products are not ready to be released to the market! What a hassle it was for me to have to go through all this testing and calling tech support when all I wanted to do was plug it in, configure it and go! 'nuff said. Returning all my Linksys gear and not buying any Draft-N junk until it is finalized and mature working verified products are released by all vendors. It is true all those recommendations to hold off on buying Draft-N gear at this time (from all brands)... none of it works as it should.
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