(Newbie) 2701HG-B <--> WL-520GU (tomato) Setup

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Netomatic, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    Hello Network Experts!

    I am a homeowner with AT&T DSL service on a cheapest subscription plan (3mbps/512kbps). Everything was fine for years until I decided to have a roommate. As soon as roommate moved in, I noticed everytime my roommate is home and while I'm surfing on the internet, the internet became extremely slow and sometimes it doesn't even load a webpage. And whenever roommate is not home, the internet performance went back to normal. I talked to my roommate about taking it easy on bandwidth but the roommate continues doing the same. So, I decided to do something about it. I learned that QOS might be something I would like to use on my modem/router. However, my modem/router (2wire 2701HG-B) doesn't have the QOS feature. So, I just gotten myself a ASUS WL-520GU-EZ because tomato supports it. I tried my best to learn everything about setting it up correctly. Since I just started to learn about networking last few days, I am not yet confidence with my setup plan. I hope you could help me out. :) I have read Toastman's cool posts about QOS. I learned quite a bit and even enjoyed reading it! I also visited original tomato and tomatoUSB website to learn as much as I can. Here is the setup plan with some questions I have so far:

    1. Limit internet bandwidth on roommate's computer to the point where I can get my "internet" back plus being able to download/upload large data as well.

    2. Use the same SSID and WEP password from 2wire 2701HG-B so I don't have to give new setup information to my roomie.

    ===Choosing Firmware===
    Q: Based on my goal, what flavor of firmware should I use for ASUS WL-520GU-EZ?
    OEM? original tomato? tomatoUSB? toastman? other?

    So far I've downloaded toastman's firmware: tomato-NDUSD-1.28.7628.1-Toastman-Std.trx (3.4MB) but if you think others are better, I'll be happy to download it.

    ===Installing Firmware===
    Q: Will this install method work with any tomato flavor such as toastman's?

    1. If WL-520GU-EZ has OEM firmware version 3.x or later, then use the OEM menus to downgrade to OEM firmware version

    2. Rename Tomato file to WL520gu_2.0.0.9_EN.trx

    3. Use the OEM menus to update the firmware with renamed Tomato file (WL520gu_2.0.0.9_EN.trx)

    ===Physical Setup===
    (Original Setup)
    Internet <---> 2wire 2701HG-B <---> wifi and wired devices

    (New Setup)
    Internet <---> 2wire 2701HG-B <--->(*) WL-520GU <---> wifi and wired devices

    (*) 2wire connects to WL-520GU's LAN port not to WAN port

    ===WL-520GU Setup===
    Leave everything with tomato default settings except for QOS (later) and set this router in bridge mode

    Unplug ethernet cable from computer that connects to 2wire and plug in WL-520GU directly to computer then access Tomato


    Type = disabled
    Use WAN port for LAN = unchecked

    Router IP Address = (or similar as long as not same as 2wire's router ip address)
    Subnet Mask =
    Default Gateway = (2wire's gateway)
    Static DNS = (2wire's gateway)
    DHCP Server = unchecked

    Enable Wireless = checked
    Wireless Mode = Wireless Ethernet Bridge
    B/G Mode = Mixed
    SSID = (Same as 2wire SSID)
    Broadcast = ?????
    Channel = ????? (Do I click 'scan' then select dropdown menu with matching 2wire SSID?)
    Security = (Same type as 2wire? Or it is for it's own? If it is for itself, I heard WPA-TKIP/AES is recommended?)
    Shared Key = (Is this like WEP password that I need to create for this router?)

    Q: If done with setup, do I need to release & renew computer DHCP lease?
    Q: Will this setup automatically disable DNS & DHCP? If not, where to disable them?

    ===2wire 2701HG-B Setup===
    Everything leave untouched except wireless disabled?

    QOS setup: To be continuted

    Q: Lastly, did I miss any steps or do I have a wrong setup?

    Thanks! :)
  2. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    Welcome to LinksysInfo.org, Netomatic!

    To install Toastman's Tomato Build tomato-NDUSB-1.28.7628.1-Toastman-Ext.trx you can use this very simple guide here.

    Keep in mind that the posted Toastman build in the link is older, but the steps are exactly the same when flashing your WL-520GU.

    May I know why you choose not to assign the Asus router to do the DHCP for you instead of the 2wire 2701HG-B? Can't you set the 2-wire to bridge mode and let the Asus do the routing job?

    You may need to use the "bandwidth Limiter" feature in Toastman's build to limit your room-mate's hogging your internet connection.

    Kindly follow the instructions to the T. Remember to assign a STATIC IP to your computer PRIOR to flashing Toastman's build. DHCP is disabled by default in Toastman's latest builds.

    As soon as you successfully flash your router, come back to the forum if you need more information. Good-luck!
  3. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    Toink, thank you for welcoming me to the forum!

    Also, thanks for the link to installation guide. I'll follow it to the T!

    The only reason I thought (with a newbie understanding) if I set 2wire to bridge mode, I would lose 2wire's SSID and WEP password? I would have to give roommate the new SSID and WEP created by ASUS?

    I'll come back after flashing the router and studying on "bandwidth limiter" feature.

    I'm greatly appreciated with your help!
  4. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    You're welcome! Feel free to ask around. There's a lot of members here who's willing to give you a hand or two :)

    Actually, you can disable the Wifi in your 2wire modem, then setup the same SSID in the Asus router. I would encourage you though to please upgrade your wireless security to the much secure WPA2 Personal AES. - You may need to delete the OLD SSID network on your PC, as well as your friends and search for the new SSID of the Asus to connect.

    If you want to access your modem through your Asus router, you can set the LAN IP of your 2wire modem to and then keep the Asus router's default IP. Copy and paste this to the Asus' Admin>Scripts> Firewall, save and reboot your router.

    iptables -I POSTROUTING -t nat -o vlan1 -d -j MASQUERADE
    ip addr add dev vlan2 brd +
    Next time you want to access your modem's settings you just type in its IP in your browser :)

    Keep us posted how it went. :)
  5. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    Mission accomplished! (I think) All wired and wireless devices are able to access internet through Asus+tomato!

    Firmware version: as suggested by Toink

    Fimware install method: as suggested by Toink

    Physical setup: same as planned

    WL-520GU Setup: Set as access point via tomato (if you want more detail let me know)

    2wire 2701HG-B Setup: same as planned

    Will upgrade to WPA2 Personal AES after roomie moves out.

    I think I am ready for Bandwidth limiter. Here are some questions:
    1. Should I leave the remaining tomato settings as default?
    2. Should I disable QOS?
    3. What bandwidth should I limit my roommate's MAC address to? 56, 256 ,384 or 512kbps?
    4. Any other setup I missed in tomato?

  6. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    Well done! :)

    1. Yes you can leave the remaining tomato settings to default - depending on your requirements. A couple of suggestions in the Advanced>Wireless Tab. Set the country to Singapore; set the wireless transmit power to 42 (100 is a bit high which is default in that build); In the Advanced> Miscellaneous Tab, select 240,120 in the CPU speed and save. You need to reboot your router after these settings.

    2. I would ENABLE QOS, just make sure you input the correct internet speed. Kindly check Toastman's Links for more info on QOS. I would suggest that you 'un-tick' "Prioritize ICMP" in the OS basic settings if it's not yet been 'un-ticked'.

    3. It's subjective. But if you think your roomate is indeed a speed-hog and is not chipping-in for the monthly payments of your internet, you have the option to limit his connection to less than 1mb or even lesser. :D

    4. If you hate ads, there's a cool adblocking script available for Tomato. It works wonders and no need to install any adblocker programs on your browser/PC.

  7. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    Oopps it appears all toastman's versions of 1.28.7628.1 doesn't come with BW limiter...so I flashed 1.28.7626.1 instead.

    Toink: Thanks for all the info!!! You really got me up to speed! :)

    Here's the BW limiter settings and I have to admit I don't know what I'm doing lol.

    After couple of speed tests the lowest speed I got was:
    2.56mbps (down) and 0.41mbps (up)

    According to toastman he recommended 66% to 85% of lowest speed...so I picked 70%:
    1.792mbps (down) and 0.287mbps (up)

    Enable Limiter = Checked

    Max Download Bandwidth = 1792 kbit/s (1.792mbps)

    Max Upload Bandwidth = 287 kbit/s (0.287mbps)

    MAC Address = roomie's computer

    DLRate = 512kbps

    DLCeil = 792kbps

    ULRate = 50kbps

    ULCeil = 100kbps

    Priority = Lowest

    TCP Limit = 10

    UDP Limit = 5/s

    Let me know if any of those are too restrictive or too generous lol.
  8. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    Whoopsies! That's indeed embarassing! :oops: tomato-NDUSB-1.28.7626.1-Toastman-VLAN-Ext.trx is more than 4mb, so I'm assuming you flashed it with a smaller one.

    I think that looks about right. The best thing to know if things are working as intended is when both of you are using the internet :)
  9. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    Lol no biggie ...since it's so easy to flash :D Yeah, I got the std version to stay under 4mb.

    The performance seems better ... but I only test it for a short time ... I'll do more testing tonight ... the only thing I notice is when I use online speed test to one of my devices with BW limit set to it, it passed beyond the BW limit to regular speed. I followed BW limit manual thread by Victek ...adding devices to static DHCP list then set BW limit. I wonder if set properly, should online speed test show result of BW limit?
  10. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    After monitoring bandwidth, it shows BW limit is not working and the hogging problem still continues :oops:
    I wonder if access point mode works with BW limit feature? No ideas what to tweak next ... mmmm
  11. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    The QOS and BW Limiter works when the system is configured as a gateway (i.e. via the WAN port). If you have the modem plugged into LAN port, then Tomato isn't actually doing anything much, it looks like you're just using it as a switch? Access point? Or maybe I misunderstood something.
  12. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    Yes, I think Netomatic was only using the router as an access point, I actually suggested that he let the Asus router do all the routing/DHCP stuff and set the modem to bridge mode...
  13. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  14. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    Ahhh ... I thought as Toink suggested was an optional/preferred setup but now I know it is required for using BW limiter as Toastman explained ... good news ... it is working!!! :cool: The online speed test shows speed limit whatever I set BW limit to one of my devices! Thanks so much for your help!!!

    I'm truly grateful! ;)
  15. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    As you can see (the image attached) at the beginning the roommate is trying to max out bandwidth couple of times then accept its new limit (552kbps/128kbps). :D
  16. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    I'm glad you got what you wanted. Cheers!
  17. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    got him!
  18. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    New update:
    I monitored bandwidth once in awhile and noticed the bandwidth limiter stops working or roommate managed to bypass the limit. So I tried to reboot via tomato and the limiter works again. So, now every once in awhile I had to reboot via tomato. Do you have the any ideas of the culprit? If no solution, it is possible to set tomato to reboot itself once in awhile?
  19. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    Opps! One more thing...when I am done with tomato window, should I logout or just close the window?
  20. phuque99

    phuque99 LI Guru Member

    I've heard of folks configuring the 2Wire device into "bridge mode", essentially making it just a dummy modem. If you can do that, try and let your router make its own PPPxx connection, giving you more control instead of double NAT.
  21. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    I honestly have no idea about the bandwidth limiter not workin after a while. Do you notice it not working after a few hours or days? You can schedule the reboot of your router. Go to Administration> Scheduler> enable Reboot option and select time and day/s. You can log out or just close your browser. I personally don't use the log-out option and just close my browser (tab) to exit from Tomato.
  22. Netomatic

    Netomatic Networkin' Nut Member

    @phuque99: Yea, 2wire is set as "bridge mode" and the ASUS router is doing the PPPoe

    @Toink: I noticed I had to restart once per day ... Thanks for the tips, I just scheduled the reboot! Will see if it works next few days. It's a minor thing but I'm very happy with tomato set up so far :D
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