Newbie - can't access e-mail server with Tomato

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by mmmbeer, May 30, 2010.

  1. mmmbeer

    mmmbeer Guest

    Hi all,

    First up let me say I've searched through the internet and searched this forum but can't seem to find the answer...

    I have a WRT54GLv1.1 and have just upgraded the firmware to Tomato 1.27. Since installing Tomato, I have not been able to access my POP3 email account (I use latest version of Thunderbird). I keep getting an error message along the lines of "failed to connect to server mail". The email uses port 110.

    I know it is the router as I plugged the cable directly into the PC Ethernet and all was good and right.

    Could someone kindly assist me with regard what setting(s) in Tomato need to be adjusted to allow connection to the email server?

    I have a very basic understanding of how this all works - just enough knowledge to get me into trouble and not be able to find a way out without some help!:wacko:

    Thanks in advance


  2. karogyoker

    karogyoker Addicted to LI Member

    Try Advanced -> Conntrack/Netfilter -> TTL Adjust +1 or -1
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