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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by internetguy, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. internetguy

    internetguy LI Guru Member

    I recently deBELLed and chose a VOIP provider who supplied me with a SPA2102(Sipura) phone adaptor. The phone adaptor was plugged onto the LAN port of my SMC router. My cable ISP provider gives me 5000-14000kb/s down and 650-950kb/s up, depending on the time of day(node congestion). Packet loss is around 10% averaged for a 24hr. period.

    The sound on the other end was choppy, so I enabled QOS on my WRT54GL and there was no improvement. I downloaded DD-WRT23sp2-voip and installed it. I set up the QOS using a MAC priority set to premium and the MAC addresses of my networked computers set to medium. I added the services priority for bittorrent set to low. Still choppy sound if I had just one peer on a torrent.

    So I downloaded Tomato_1_11.7 and set it up. See the pics. I made my top rule the MAC address of the SPA2102 set to 'highest' and the bottom rule, the bulk traffic where I imagine my torrents fall into.

    I really like tomato and my one conversation while torrenting wasn't that bad - which is great to my two previous efforts. However after 1/2 hour of 3 torrents downloading and seeding (tomato says 107 connections) the sound was very choppy again. Packet losses and RTT times weren't bad and speeds were okay I think(QOS is enabled)

    I am assuming that by the Viewdetails jpg that all my voice packets are going out through port 5060 and all my bittorrents through 49763.

    Is there something I missed in my QOS setup?

    P.S. When i Logon to my router - I am still getting the little DD-WRT symbol in the URL address box. How do I get rid of that?
    Is it in the NVRAM of my router?


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  2. Macskeeball

    Macskeeball LI Guru Member

    More likely, it's in your browser cache.
  3. jnappert

    jnappert LI Guru Member

    Try to delete the Transfer-Limit of 0-512kb in your VOIP class.
  4. internetguy

    internetguy LI Guru Member

    Thanks, cleared the cache - GoodToGo
  5. internetguy

    internetguy LI Guru Member

    Well I finally figured it out, how to have GREAT PHONE and bittorrent too. For some reason with having the top rule being the MAC of my SipuraSPA on initial connect the ports 5060-5061 would start at "highest" but after a minute the conversation would get choppy as it spilled into "Lowest" class even with no torrents being up-downed.

    Thanks TOMATO for the View Graphs and View Details. I noticed that after initial dialup the conversation was using ports in the 13000-16000 range. So I made 2 new rules for the source and destination IP's and now VOIP and Bittorrents get along beautifully.

    Thanks TOMATO and thanks jon, I love this program!! :biggrin:
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