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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by chuckv, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. chuckv

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    Just purchased and installed a new WRT300N Wireless Router. Using Linksys Wireless USB devices I quickly had 4 home machines easily accessing the Web by pretty much using the default settings (did setup a network key).

    Question: I now want to CHANGE all of my Client machines to STATIC IP's to access the router and internet. I need to do this as I have a software Proxy running on machine that requires Static IP's to protect my children's PC's.

    I've gone ahead and changed the Internet Protocol Properties on the USB devices to specific IP address'. ie: with Subnet to I've also set the preferred DNS server to that of my Router which I've left at

    After these changes I cannot connect to the Web with these Clients even though my Network Connections show that I'm connected to the Router and the signal strength is "excellent". At this point I haven't started playing with the Proxy and just want to connect directly through the Router using Static Client IP's. (Proxy comes later).

    I'm assuming I have to make changes elsewhere on the Router side of things but being completely new at this I need help. Can someone give me some detailed info on what I need to do ??

    Thank You.
  2. ifican

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    Ok your partially there, the problem at the moment is your client subnet ( does not match your router subnet ( By default your router is going to have a network, whatever that network is just make sure your clients are set the same i.e. 192.168.10.x or 192.168.1.x. The other thing i would suggest is not to set the static ip on the machine, whenever i want a machine to get the same address all the time i leave the machine as dhcp and set the dhcp assignment for that machine on the router. I am not sure where it is on your device however it should be on the same page as the lan ip setup. You simply have to tell the router when it see's the MAC for the machine during dhcp then give it this (192.168.x.x address).

    The other way to do it which i think can be more problemsome then not especially if you have several devices and have all the networks setup differnetly, is to shut off the dhcp for the router and just setup each device manually. Any other questions just drop them out there, there are lots of very smart folks on this board and im sure someone will answer you.

    Have a great one........
  3. sufrano63

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    ifican is correct in pointing out that the subnet did not match (typo maybe) and that's the reason why you're unable to connect. DHCP assignment or static DHCP is probably not available in the linksys firmware. If all you have are 4 devices and want to set all as static IPs, then turn off DHCP and assign each a static IP address.

    Good Luck
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