Newbie-ish VNC Question

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by KC5CQW, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. KC5CQW

    KC5CQW Network Guru Member

    Setup: Cable ---> WRT54G with Tarifa ---> Mac Mini (OS X Tiger) ( and Compaq Laptop (Win2k Pro) (

    Problem: #1 I dont know shiznit about networking or Winblows.
    #2 Unable to ping computer to computer (thus, no VNC).
    Ping from router to computers ok.
    File/print sharing setup on both computers I think...

    Port-forwarding is setup for 5500, 5800, 5900 on and 101, AP isolation is off.

    They just wont see each other. Please help!
    Thanks in advance, Damon
  2. sufrano63

    sufrano63 Network Guru Member

    what firmware are you using?
  3. KC5CQW

    KC5CQW Network Guru Member

    The latest Tarifa release.
  4. KC5CQW

    KC5CQW Network Guru Member

    Ok, I guess this is the "real" question...
    Is it possible to have an infrastructure style network and also have the two computers linked?
    If not, how (what type of network) can I make this happen?
    I guess I could use a cable from the router to the mac and have an Ad Hoc via wireless to the laptop.
    The Problem is that the router is in a different room. I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS...
    I connected the two computers via wireless Ad Hoc and it worked, but, no connection to the router thus no internet.
    I guess what I want is for the two wireless adapters to connect to two networks at the same time (infrastructure and Ad Hoc). Is this possible?
    I'm sure there is some way to make this work.

    Senario: I want to do stuff (internet and other) on the Mac via VNC from the laptop on the otherside of the house. Maybe I want to watch TV or something in a much more comfortable chair/room and still get my work done on the mac.
    Thanks, Damon
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