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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by russ6261, Jan 14, 2006.

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    I'm new to the wireless game and have learned alot reading the posts in this forum. My cable connection is in the attic and I wanted to go wireless, so I bought a WRT54G, unfortunately I found out by reading this forum it's a Version 5. I've updated the firmware, the most current Linksys available and it works allright for my connected computers in the attic, (2 of them) plus an X box live for my son. It tends to slow down a bit when were all on, but not bad. My daughter has an older laptop running windows 2000 and she is 1 floor down and 30 feet on the other side of the house. I've had problems getting good reception on her machine, 40-55%, with the occational drop of connection. So I went out and bought new antennea, 9db, and another WRT54G, V3 this time hoping the increase in power would be able to get better reception not only for my daughter on the 2nd floor but for my laptop on the 1st floor or on the deck. I bought the new router on ebay and haven't received it yet but I know it's configured with the firmware version ... Alchemy 1.0.x Final. I've read on these posts that with some 3rd party firmware a second router could be used as a "passthough?" to relay my wireless signal to other parts of the house. I also still have my old BEFSR41 router. My question is ... what would be the best setup to achive the most coverage and fastest connection in my house.....1) BEFSR41, connected to the internet, my 2 computers, x box, and the WRT54G V5 which would sent the signal to the WRT54G V3,(set up as a signal booster) to the laptops. 2) WRT54G V5, connected to the internet, my 2 computers, x box and WRT54G V3,(set up as a signal booster) to the laptops. 3)WRT54G V3 connected to the internet, my 2 computers, x box and have that send the wireless signal to the laptops. 4) some other setup that would get the job done without spending alot more money. I would appreciate your thoughts.

    thanks for your time
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