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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by railz68, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. railz68

    railz68 Network Guru Member

    Hi, I've just got a WRT54gs V 1.0.
    Doing all the reading I can before trying out a custom firmware. I've found the DD-WRT and HyperWRT to be the most popular so far. I've kinda decided ww-drt is the one for me, but have a couple of questions.

    I should say what I plan to do with it. We have bought a PC for our 11 year old for xmas. And she will be connected wireless. The main thing I'd like to do is restrict the times of day internet is on/off on the wireless end. I think I see it listed as a feature of HyperWRT -
    Can DD-WRT do what I need ?.
    I can learn how to block certain things at a later date, but just turning off internet overnight would be great for a start. (of course just the wireless off, my PC hardwired should have 24/7 access).

    Also, there are a number of files when you extract the .zip form dd-wrt. I've read that you should use "mini-generic.bin" first. Then why is there a "mini-wrt54gs.bin" ? Wouldn't this one be the one to use. Or is this correct -
    Install - 'mini_generic.bin"
    then - 'dd-wrt.23_wrtgs.bin'

    And last, is there a dated dd-wrt firmware that has the least amount of bugs for version 23 ?. I'm guessing some of you try them all, and some have just tried one and been happy with it. I'd like to install one, and leave it till v23 is final. If there is a certain date that many find the most reliable, could you please post what one.

    thanks for any advice with this.
  2. noddyc

    noddyc Network Guru Member

    1. DD-WRT can block internet access based on time and pc. It also has options to block certain services etc..

    2. Always use the DD-WRT generic version. First do a hard reset by holding the reset button for 30sec or more. Upgrade the firmware with the mini-generic version first. Then use either the standard or vpn generic version. The "mini-wrt54gs.bin" is for tftp.

    3. I am using the DD-WRT v23 beta build 12.12.2005 and find it to be reliable.

    Hope this is of some help

  3. railz68

    railz68 Network Guru Member

    thank you,

    I'll get the 12/12/05 right now.
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