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  1. djdconsulting

    djdconsulting LI Guru Member

    A friend recommended this site and said I could get the answers I needed! Hope someone out there is able to help as you all look extremely knowledgable.

    My client recently purchased the WRV54g (firmware v2.36) to allow remote users to access a machine functioning as the fileserver and also to have a wireless network established. She currently has cable for internet service and this would be the only router on the network!

    I tried following the instructions set forth by Linksys within the user manual but I was not sucessful. Perhaps I did something wrong! My main focus is to set this up quickly and easily

    I became a little confused with establishing the IP Security Policy within Windows XP as well as the VPN configuration settings within the router itself. Do I need to do any type of "port forwarding" to the machine acting as the file server? How would the remote users access the machine? And, do I need to setup user accounts on the file server that match the user accounts within the VPN for file sharing and security purposes?

    Sorry to seem dumb here, but is there a easier way to setup this device such as a software utility or a document that pretty much outlines the setup a little more detailed? Just looking for someone who has prior experience setthing this up in the same or similar environment. I have not yet contacted Linksys and have heard bad things contacting them. Any help on this would be great!!
  2. eric_stewart

    eric_stewart Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    If you go to the website, you'll find 2 goodies there for you: a firmware update to 2.37, and VPN client software that you can download called "QuickVPN". Just follow the support links (they're pretty self-explanatory) to locate and install the code.

    This will save you from having to fiddle with the IPSec policy settings on your Windows box. The GUI is pretty slick and (this is the best part) easy to set up. Username/Password + IP address or domain name of the remote gateway (your Linksys WRV54G) and that's it on the client side. On the router side, you need to visit the Setup / Access Restrictions tab and then create a VPN user there.

    There are some well-documented and specific shortcomings to the QuickVPN client. It sounds like your WRV54G is hanging right off the Internet on a public IP address so you will probably be OK. There are some FAQs and other info on this site...specifically in this forum. Use the search function to find DocLarge's posts in particular since he's gone to great lengths with a setup guide for QuickVPN...something sorely lacking from Linksys.

    Have fun and enjoy!

  3. djdconsulting

    djdconsulting LI Guru Member


    Thanks for the reply! If what you are saying will work then I will try but I was at the understanding that Linksys required much more configuration, but I'm not skeptical and will check it out. Thanks again.

  4. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    What Eric says is correct, Linksys provided the QuickVPN client to take the headache out of making client to site connections :)

    I would suggest updating to one of the more recent beta firmwares as 2.37 is about 18 months old :eek:
  5. djdconsulting

    djdconsulting LI Guru Member

    Well the QuickVPN Utility is something I was aware of and I can see where it could come in handy instead of using the Windows VPN connect utility.

    My focus was on configuring the router and tweaking it. I see alot of discussion on the MTU and other settings, but I really just want something to work out of the box!

    So pretty much what Eric is saying is that a person should be able to purchase this device, install it on their local network and not have to tweak any of the VPN settings or configure a WinXP IP Policy and utilize QuickVPN to establish a connection.

    I'm going to try this out when I get home on my local network. Again, thanks for your continued assistance and knowledge.

  6. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Yep that should be the case unless you have an unusual LAN setup or your ISP is doing something odd :)
  7. djdconsulting

    djdconsulting LI Guru Member

    Well I shall try! =) Ummm one thing though I do have concern for. Say I get his all working. I establish user names and passwords for the connection. Once the user is connected, how would they connect to the machine(s) where the files are located? If it they are set under DHCP it is a possibilty that the address could change. Do you recommend setting up static addresses?

    Also, do I have to establish user names and passwords within WinXP to match the VPN? I want to allow certain people to access files and others to have restricted.

  8. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Well, let's go ahead an clear this up right now :)

    You "can not" use windows xp vpn client with this router because it does not allow NAT-T or GRE connections (no ports 4500 or 1723). Linksys designed it like that so quickvpn would be the dominant and primary vpn client to use with the WRV54G. The windows ipsec vpn client configuration guide is "TRASH, period. I've seen posts from "TWO" guys in the last two years who've been able to get that sh*t to work. Most of us initially had to suck it up and "make" quickvpn work, or disconnect the router and plug our computers directly into the modem in order to use a third party vpn client.

    So, if you're looking for easy (plus a little fussiness from quickvpn), quickvpn is pretty much your tool of choice on this one.

    I put some directions together for connecting the greenbow vpn client to the WRV54G; granted there's a little more configuration required, but it works. Now, if you don't want to use greenbow, you can still use the drive mapping information I put together to access your shares once you connect to your network with quickvpn:


    Once you’ve made the connection and you want to connect to a shared resource that you have rights to from a remote location, on the "client" computer, open up windows explorer and click on "tools," then “map a network drive.†After clicking on that, choose a driver letter and type the ip address of a computer you have rights to on that network. You would type the following: \\\sharename

    Where you see sharename would be where you would substitute the name of a folder you have share permissions to access (i.e., \\\vpn).

    Before you click finish, click on “connect as different user†because in order to connect, that local machine needs to have a "username and password" created on it so it recognizes who you are. If you are part of a domain, make sure that your "domain user account" has been added to each computer you want to access remotely.

    When you click this link, you’ll be asked to type in a username and password that has access rights. Click O.K., then click finish. The shared resource you have been given access to should pop up! If the account you’re connecting to has the permissions set properly, you’re all good now!

    This should take care of your connecting to your file server. Also, you may want to get a dynamic dns account from for your WRV54G; it takes about 10 minutes, then your ready to work. One last thing, stay away from firmware 2.37 because it's broken. Use 2.37.13, 2.38.6, or 2.39. These work.

  9. eric_stewart

    eric_stewart Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    See! You fell among a bunch of thieves, I tell you. Now you just have to buy us all a round. It's the only pay we get.

    BTW, my bad about the 2.37 code. Good advice from DocLarge but he owes me a round anyway. Even if it's that filthy warm fizz that they call beer over there in Jolly Ol'


  10. djdconsulting

    djdconsulting LI Guru Member

    Well thank you to all who provided some guidance here. I have yet to test the device as recommended but I plan on sometime this week.

    Cheers to you all! :drinking: :thumb:
  11. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Blech!!! Eric, even "I" don't drink the warm fizz...

    I'm good for some cider though (Woodpecker or Strongbow?)

    Here's one for you.

    Pucker up for the suds; it's ice cold!!!

    (Doc slides an [/b]"ice cold"[/b] frosty, pint of Strongbow cider down the bar to Eric...)
  12. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    You should try some Magners or the new Strongbow Sirius :thumb:
  13. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Taz, my fellow cider drinker!! :cheering:
  14. djdconsulting

    djdconsulting LI Guru Member

    This thing is driving me nuts!

    Ok...Well I thought I did what everyone told me to do! I reset my box, updated the firmware to version 2.38.6, setup a DynDns account, created a dummy VPN user name and password and attempted to connect from my machine at work!

    It begins to connect, says its verifying and then times out saying something along the lines of "remote gateway connection could not be established" or something like that.

    What am I doing wrong? I have remote managment setup on the box to access it remotely from my office location. If anyone is able to help with this I would be more than happy to provide the information to log into it, configure it and then I would test it. If anyone is able to provide help, just send me a PM and I will send the info.

    I don't know what else to do....Stupid Linksys products! =)
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