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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by montyshaw, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. montyshaw

    montyshaw Network Guru Member


    First off, thanks to Thibor and Tofu, and everyone else responsible for making HyperWRT available. Good Job! :thumb:

    I am running Thibor11 on a GS v2.0. My son plays a lot of online games and downloads videos etc. The rest of the family just does normal smtp/www type stuff with an occasional download. What I would like to do is limit my son's 2 machines (one wired desktop and one wireless laptop) to some small percentage (25%) of the total bandwidth (both up and down, I guess).

    I went in to the Qos settings in the router and added both of his machine's MAC addresses to the QOS MAC table and set them on Low. Was this the correct approach? Does adding his wireless MAC in that table do anything?

    I've seen some posts that imply that if a MAC isn't listed, it will be slowed down. That's a problem because it is a large family and we all have computers, and I have a couple of TiVos that need connection and the MAC table is too small to list them all.

    I've also seen posts that imply that unlisted MACs default to Normal priority. ??

    I also turned on WMM, but I don't know if the wireless adapters support it or what it does.

    I've also seen some scripts over at the forums at for limiting upload and download bandwidth. Is this a better approach?

    I will say that I haven't made any measurements, but I also haven't noticed any differences after that change was made.

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. danielhaden

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    Well, you might want to turn off wireless QOS because you probably don't have any devices that support it, and it will slow down your connection.

    The "regular" QOS should be set on manual speed at 83% of your advertised connection rate. The lower the value you type in, the "harsher" the effect of QOS.

    You should list ALL of your MAC addresses for all of your computers if you have a gamer in the house. He will want low latency much more than high speed. Low latency will also help everybody else out. Any of the 3 middle speeds is suitable for all of the computers. Low does not necessarily mean slow. Unlisted does mean very high lag (wait) times. On that firmware, you may find that the following pages will list all of the MAC addresses you need:

    Ignore the Ethernet Port Priority section, because using it can disable QOS.

    If you have a VOIP or SKYPE phone, then you can set it into the application priority section so that the IP powered telephone will perform well even if everybody is busy downloading.
  3. montyshaw

    montyshaw Network Guru Member


    Thanks for the reply.

    My only problem is listing ALL the MACS. The table isn't large enough, unless there is someway to make it larger that I'm missing. :)

    I will make sure the rate is set at 83% and the wireless qos is off.

    Should I turn on the 'Optimize for gaming' option?

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