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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rmrucker, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. rmrucker

    rmrucker Guest

    I have a WRT54G version 2. I downloaded a firmware update with the hopes of switching to WPA instead of WEP. I updated the router first, thinking that I could update the wireless adapters later.

    Well, ever since I updated the router firmware, my laptop and my upstairs computer no longer connect to the Internet! I am still broadcasting the SSID and when I try to connect it finally gives up and says it cannot connect.

    What is happening is that the router is NOT assigning an IP address when the wireless computers try to obtain one. There seems to be communication between the computers and the router, but no address is assigned, so I get the "Limited or No Connectivity" message -- which means it ain't working.

    I can still connect to several unsecured and broadcasted "linksys" networks that seem to exist in every neighborhood. I just cannot connect to mine.

    I even went to Linksys and used their NetSet program to reconfigure my router -- I gave it a slightly different SSID. It created a "NetSetClient.exe" file to be used to hook up other wireless devices. No go. It doesn't work.

    Mode: Mixed
    Restrictions: None (at this time)
    MAC Filtering: None (at this time)

    Another stupid question. When I connect to the router via IE using » it asks for a User Name and Password. Eh, I was lazy and I used the default "admin" -- but now I want to change that. I looked through the pages and I cannot find a spot to do that! Thanks.
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Which firmware version are you using? Did ou reset to facory default setting before updating the firmware. It is always advisable to do so, since frmware version do not store information in the same areas and the results can be unpredictable after a firmware update.

    The reason I am asking what firmware version you updated is that if you have WPA or WPA Personal and WPA2 Personal and/or PA mixed available depends on the firmware version. To support WPA2 you should have the Microsoft WPA2 hotfix for Windows XP SP installed on the PCs.

    Which wireless NICs do you have? Do they support WPA?

    Yiu can change the password, by going to Administration and changing the password ans saving the setting.

    If you are not connecting do to encryption, you will not get an IP Address.
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