Newbie Question on NSLU2 Setup with DI-624

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by gc9713, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. gc9713

    gc9713 Network Guru Member

    So far only problems trying to setup/install using a DI-624. Basically, the setup routine on CD can't find the NSLU2. Any basic/helpful suggestions much appreciated. Thanks.

    PS I'm running Win2K on the old home pc.

    PPS How do you find/format/enter the MAC address for an NSLU2, in case one wants to try and assign a static IP? And is that needed?
  2. gregh

    gregh Network Guru Member

    By default you nslu2 comes with an ip address of If your subnet is different, ie 192.168.0.x or 192.168.2.x, then the install cd may not find the slug. You can take one of 3 paths,

    1. Directly connect you computer to your nslu2, manually configure your computers' ip address to, run the config utility and change the nslu2's ip to the 192.168.y.77 subnet (where y is what your current network is set to). Don't forget to switch back you computer's ip settings to automatic after you are done.

    2. Change the subnet on your router to the 192.168.1.x variety. Run the config utility. Change the ip on the nslu2 to the previous subnet. Change your router subent back to origional.

    3. Change your local subnet to 192.168.1.x . run the config utility. be done with it.

    hope this helps
  3. gc9713

    gc9713 Network Guru Member

    Well so far so good. I got to the NSLU2 web admin screen by doing a 2 second reset and then going to Then on the NSLU2 LAN screen I changed the IP configuration to "Obtain IP Address Automatically (DHCP Client)".

    On the DI-624, under the DHCP page, I set a static IP for the NSLU2 of, with assignment based on the MAC address of the NSLU2.
    After powering down the NSLU2, rebooting the router, and then powering up the NSLU2, I could get to to the web admin screen for the NSLU2, using the IP address.

    Before going further, I checked the DI-624 log screen, and can see the IP address being assigned to the NSLU2 (LKG0FE7D5). Again, so far so good.

    On the My Network Places under Win2K, I can see LKG0FE7D5 under WORKGROUP (which is the default workgroup name assigned on my PC - I checked:>). Also, on the NSLU2 Disk Page, I've got Disk 1 formatted, with a clean scan and 80 MB of space available. Again, so far so good.

    When I try to map a share under My Network Places under Win2K, no luck. I just get a message of "// LKG0FE7D5 is not accessible". Again, helpful suggestions much appreciated for making this last step in the connection:> Thanks.

    PS I'm also guessing I don't have the logic of how to use/name/access "shares" sorted out. There are 2 shares showing on the NSLU1, with one being "DISK 1" and the other "ADMIN 1". DISK 1 authorized groups includes "Everyone". Again, helpful suggestions most appreciated.
  4. graywood

    graywood Network Guru Member

    Resolution was, in hindsight, obvious. I shut down ZoneAlarm, and voila, shares were visible in Network Neighborhood. After designating new IP for NSLU2 as trusted in zone alarm, was able to map the shares from the NSLU2.

    Across my wireless network though, the connection doesn't seem to be that stable on my older pc's via DI-624. I'll try out a new pc and see if there's a difference.
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