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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by sunshine222, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. sunshine222

    sunshine222 Guest

    I hate to show my ignorance here but I am at my wit's end. I have the WRT54GX4 router and I cannot get it (or something) to allow my laptops in for more than a few minutes on various days. Most of the time, I cannot get in at all. I have read/searched everything I know ....I performed a reset on the router and just after that, I was able to get in for a few hours but left me again.

    I have DSL and if I use the computer wired to the router, it works fine. No one seems to be able to help me so I am hoping you have ideas. I did read where people were having problems with this router but their problems were not the same as mine.

    Please help me! Should I throw this thing away and get a different one? I am not sure what technical info you need to answer my questions but the laptops are running XP and I have downloaded current drivers, etc. for them...I just don't think it is the laptops...I think there is a problem with the router.
  2. patfla

    patfla Network Guru Member


    What version of the firmware are you running?

    Go to the main Web interface page - Setup (basic setup). In the upper right it will tell you (in my case): "firmware version: 1.00.13".

    I just bought mine the other day and it came pre-installed with 1.00.13.

    If your's is earlier than that, you might want to think of upgrading the firmware.

  3. diceman19

    diceman19 Network Guru Member

    have you done anything with the mac filter option? i know that if the mac filter option is enabled on my girls V4 windows wont connect to the AP for more than a second and complains and security issues.
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    It could be the Laptops wireless NIC giving you problems. The Intel 2200bg Proset have had problems connecting to some of the Linksys routers without an upgrade to the latest generic drivers. The same may be true for the WRT54GX4. MAC Address filtering is a waste of time, since the MAC address of a Wireless NIC can be changed and the MAC address is se nt in plain text. What type of encryption, if any are you using? Your wireless NIC may be having problems if you are using WPA2.
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