newbie with wrt54g with dd-wrt

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Meistro, Nov 25, 2006.

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    Setup: I have a cable internet connection (lite version) which connects to my Motorola SB5100 Surfboard Modem. From there I have a cat 5 cable connecting to my SunRocket VOIP modem. From there I have another cat 5 cable connected to my Linksys WRT54g wireless router which i flashed the firmware to dd-wrt v23 micro because i wanted to be able to use bittorrent and still get good speeds. My desktop is connected to my wireless router via another cat 5 cable.

    Problem 1: When I surf the internet through my desktop when it is connected in the configuration as detailed above, the internet is really slow. However, when i disconnect the WRT54g router and use the internet connection directly from my SunRocket VOIP modem (which is connected to the Motorola Surfboard) speeds are fast. For example, speed test show that i have around 700 kbps when i connect to the internet without going through the linksys router, however it is only around 80 kbps download when i connect to the internet with the wireless router.

    Problem 2: As a second problem, i have been trying to set up simple file sharing by using workgroups. My desktop which is connected to my wireless router is running Windows XP Home. I ran the wizard and gave it the workgroup name MSHOME. Now i have a wireless laptop (running Windows XP Professional) which connects to the internet through the wireless router (obviously). I also ran the Internet Connection Wizard and it gave the same workgroup name "MSHOME" The problem is i can connect and transfer files.
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