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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by fangtw, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. fangtw

    fangtw LI Guru Member

    hi all

    i am not a native speaker, so please bear with my english.

    i have a Sparklan WX-6615GT AP which runs tomato firmware quite well. but i have some questions about the Qos rules. i would like to hear any suggestions to help me to set up a proper set of rules.

    my network environment:

    8M/512k ADSL
    the real max DL and UL speed is about 600k/s and 50k/s

    i have multiple computers to share the net. one of them will run p2p software all the time.

    and my Qos needs:

    web browsing, email, telnet, ssh, stream media(like mms) --> high, don't want any lag.

    p2p(bt, emule) --> lowest.

    some p2p like media(like Joost) ---> maybe also high. if i am watching Joost, i probably won't see any web page in the same time.

    lan traffic(like file transport between windows network neighbor) --> higher than p2p but lower than any thing else.


    could anyone help me to design a simple but effective rule set?
    right now i am using the default rules. it's ok. but i think it could do better. according to tomato's status, it still have 20-15% memory left.

    i know i should avoid the L7 rules to save the resource. and i have set the max connection to 4096 to get better p2p speed. but i need more detail guide on how to set up the rules. like setting the port? arrange the order? or any other tweak.

    any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks! :)
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I'm sure others will offer better advise to the actual rules and setups but best if you list your applications by priorities first as a list. do not forget, if you are going to use priority instead of rate control that you dont forget critical apps like DNS that use every little bandwidth but need to update when required and should not be delayed by your p2p or even http requests.. critical apps should be on the Highest priority. the default tomato classification page shows the main apps that are needed.
  3. azeari

    azeari LI Guru Member

    First things first, u usually don't need to classify in-network traffic, and i don't think the qos gui supports that either.

    Also, 8m/512kb are in megabits, so after conversion it should be something like 1000kBps, and 64kBps, though ur speeds seem a lil weird. Anyway based on ur real upload, 50*8 will be 400kbps, so set your max upload at something like 350kbps.

    Besides those, i'd suggest you set ur default class as lowest, and prioritize for your individual programs

    Some suggestions below
    Destination Port 53 Highest : DNS here
    Destination port 80 Medium : Web Browsing
    and whatever ports u use for telnet ssh etc, with the classes reflecting what you want them to be
  4. fangtw

    fangtw LI Guru Member

    thanks for the reply

    i know my seed is kind of weird. but it's the real speed i got. DL 600k/s and UL 50k/s.

    in the basic qos setting, i set outbound max 512kbit/s inbound max 6000bit/s
    and i uncheck the Prioritize ACK. it seems to help a bit.

    and for the lan traffic, i thought i could limit it by make rules by ip address? just don't know what ports should i use..... maybe i was wrong. :confused:
  5. azeari

    azeari LI Guru Member

    yes its possible to classify traffic according to source ip:
    i.e. src ip, class highest

    however, i believe this is effective only for WAN bound traffic, and does not act upon internal lan traffic (=

    Anyway, i'd suggest lowering your outbound max to 350kbps, since your effective speed is nowhere near 512kbps (= Also, i usually leave inbound qos alone, since its not really effective.
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