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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by boromeo, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. boromeo

    boromeo Network Guru Member

    Wll Hi to all here..I'm a newcomer to this forum and excuse my poor english (i'm a french-canadian)

    I bought a Linksys Etherfast cable / dsl firewall router (befsx41-ca)
    after an hour or so in configuring it i was finally able to go on the internet with it ..I used the Pc-Flank and shields up sites to test my firewall ..I was stealth on all principals ports and i was glad about it

    The problem came when it was time to configure Emule (p2p program)..I had a low id (i use port 4662 tcp and 4672 udp)

    so i don't know how to configure it..but by tryin differents things i did this I succeed in having Emule in High Id but..when i tested my port 4662 it was said it was open and not stealth and when i close emule it says that the port is closed and not stealth

    Is there someone who could help me to configure Emule with this router and step by step please cause i'm a neophyte with a router

    here's what i did to be able to have Emule a high id :

    in the forwarding menu :

    ext port

    4242 to 4672 (since emule use goes in this range of ports) protocole tcp,
    Ip address : (mine ) and then choosed enable

    and then the next line :

    4242 to 4672 , protocole udp , ip address : and choosed enable again

    next just under i didn't touch to the Upnp forwarding
    then i clicked on the port triggering tab and did this :

    application name : Emule
    trigger port range : 4242-4672
    incoming port range : 4242-4672

    i'm sure i'm not correct and that's why i have my 4662 port open

    So my questions are these :

    How do i configure emule with my router ?
    is it possible to have my ports stealthed with this p2p program and how to do so ?
    Is a firewall software can run at the same time as my router ?

    Plz help me it's late in the nite and i'm not in a peace of mind

    Thanks for readin and helpin me..:)..It is very appreciate believe me

    It's very appreciated
  2. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    All you have to do is setup "Single Port Forwarding". Emule only listens on one(!) TCP port and one(!) UDP port for incoming connections (according to your emule connection setup).
    Your emule machine needs a fixed IP as port forwarding needs the IP adress of the destination machine. If this would be a dynamic address then a working emule would be a matter of luck.
    Setup external port 4662/TCP and external port 4665/UDP (or whatever you setup in emule) to internal port 4662/TCP and 4665/UDP with destination = IP address of your emule machine. You don't need a range of IP adresses as the other port emule uses are outgoing.

    You do not(!) need any port triggering.

    Your port 4662 is open because you told your router to send any traffic which comes in on port 4462 to IP This is the open door to your emule machine. When emule is up and running your PC answers to requests on that port, so it is open. When emule is down your PC does not answer and the port is closed. It cannot be stealth anymore as other emule clients would not see that port in that case and emule would not work at all.

    Firewall can run but be aware that especially when starting emule the number of incoming requests can be very high and cause the firewall to shut down.

    Just my 2 €-cents.
  3. boromeo

    boromeo Network Guru Member

    When you say :

    Setup external port 4662/TCP and external port 4665/UDP (or whatever you setup in emule) to internal port 4662/TCP and 4665/UDP with destination = IP address of your emule machine.

    is it in the the menu of forwarding ?..or the UPnP one ?

    well here's what i did just before i saw you answer and by the way thanks for helping me it's fully appreciated..:)

    What i did is this

    nothing in the forwarding menu all blank
    nothing too in the UPNP menu

    but in the port triggering i did this :

    Emule ...trigger port range

    incoming port range

    That's all and Emule runs with a high id

    You said that it wasn't necessary to go to the port triggering but it's the only place i could run Emule

    i tried with the forwarding menu (the first scren when you click on forwarding) but when i clicked apply it didn't accept anything and it was all blank again

    So maybe you will have to explain this more clearly cause i'm a neophythe with routers and thanks for your patience..

    tell me if i have to do something in the forwarding and what
    and then if i have to do something in the UPnP menu
    and then you told me that it wasn't necessary to go to port triggering but it's the only place where Emule runs !! i am confused

    When i saw the all the menus the router have i saw that routers was a way much more complicated than software firewalls

    and i'd like to know how to install firmware ???

    I downloaded it and then opened it with winiso but there was an errot message (i can't remember which one but winiso wouldn't open it )

    the firmware i have is dated of 2002 !!! is it really necessary to update it ?..and if so how to install it ?

    my Linksys is model BEFSX41-CA Etherfast Cable / Dsl firewall router

    and again thanks in advance for your kind and fully appreciated answers and your patience too..:)
  4. boromeo

    boromeo Network Guru Member

    Oh and another thing, I only own one computer maybe it's important for you to know..:)
  5. Jogobo

    Jogobo Network Guru Member

    It's in the menu "Forwarding". Under "Customized Application" enter "Emule" or whatever you like. Under "Ext. Port" enter "4662 to 4662" (or any other port you configured as TCP port in emule). Check "TCP", not "UDP". IP address is Check "Enable".
    The next line enter "Emule UDP" or whatever under "Customized Application", "4665 to 4665" (or whatever UDP port you configured in emule) under "Ext. port", check "UDP" not "TCP", set IP address to "" and check "Enable". After having done so click "Apply".

    As I mentioned before emule only uses two ports, one TCP and one UDP. Port triggering is needed when you have a local server running which answers on a range of ports to requests coming from the internet. What you have done with your configuration is opening a bunch of doors to the internet. Your configuration would still work if you set the port range to 4662-4665. As port triggering does not make any difference in UDP and TCP you open 8 doors instead of the necessary 2 doors.

    You can find general setup information and setup information for selected routers here.

    Under the "Help" tab you should find an entry "Upgrade firmware". Upgrade should be useful because hardware manufacturers do not release updates just because their employees do not know how to spend there time at the office.
    The .bin files are no CD images. These are binary files which are uploaded "as is" to the router. In general there is a firmware update somewhere in the setup. Maybe you have to go through all pages to find the entry. When you have found it just enter the name of the firmware file and wait until update has finished.

    Just my 2 €-cents.
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