News subforum for Tomato?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by bigl2, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. bigl2

    bigl2 Network Guru Member

    New subforum for Tomato?

    Maybe we should make it - Tomato is tried by many people now and probably it justifies new subforum? IMHO it's much more popular than for example Tarifa, EWRT or MustDie. ;)

    What do you think about it?
  2. lwf-

    lwf- Network Guru Member

    I agree, its time for a new forum. :)
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    hmmmm 2 people from 135,000 users... anymore? ;)
  4. GShioda

    GShioda Network Guru Member

    now 3
  5. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    I like Tomato too. But you might want input from the author himself on that in case people would expect him to support the forum and he didn't want more work. I've seen one reply from him that was clever but was totally missed by several responders. That was funny but a bit sad at the same time.
  6. Reiper

    Reiper LI Guru Member

    Mr Tofu has already made this comment, "Actually, if you find a bug, please email me (see Tomato's homepage) since it's a little more convenient that way." Therefore I'm assuming he isn't looking at this site all that often?

    Therefore I'm guessing that when Mr. Toxic sees fit to add another forum group for Tomato so we can "talk amongst ourselves" about it, he will do so. That being said, you can add me to the "I think it would be a good idea" list as well. :)
  7. bokh

    bokh Network Guru Member

    And number SIX...
  8. fareal

    fareal LI Guru Member

    I wouldn't mind another forum so I can setup an RSS feed to it so I don't have to randomly check it. Right now there still aren't too many of us where the RSS feed would be too overwhelming.
  9. bigl2

    bigl2 Network Guru Member

    Just saw subforums listed and to my surprise also OpenWRT has no separate sub-forum. It's not that im pushing it to be this way but I was suprised that things like Tarifa (last post 09-10-2006), or TinyPEAP (last post 08-21-2006) wich I've newer heard about have subforums and no subforum for widely used OpenWRT or now becoming popular Tomato.

    So once again I wote for subforum for Tomato (and maybe for OpenWRT)! ;)
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    openwrt has there own forums and have done before linksysinfo even existed.

    why opening a new forum on openwrt since it already has a forum is beyond me and a waste of space tbh.

    I have already said when tomato is more popular i may start a new forum, but until i see popularity increase it will have to reside here. There is after all only 7 threads (YES SEVEN) on this entired forum related to Tomato.
  11. Tregge

    Tregge Network Guru Member

    One more vote for a Tomato-Forum.

    Damn good job, Tofu !
  12. LAGMonkey

    LAGMonkey Network Guru Member

    i like the vegitable, or is at a fruit? In ether case its got just what i need however some bugs needn fixing.
  13. bigl2

    bigl2 Network Guru Member

    EWRT has 37 threads and Tarifa 40 threads and they exist from many months. So 7 is not so bad as for FW which has about 2 weeks. ;)
  14. redcow

    redcow LI Guru Member

    I vote too for a Tomato Forum.
  15. purephase

    purephase Network Guru Member

    I throw my vote in as well. This is great firmware and extra push that it can get would be great. The UI is really nice (oh, the graphs.. don't get me started...).
  16. wycf

    wycf Network Guru Member

    Just installed Tomato 0.04. Excellent!

  17. beesfan

    beesfan LI Guru Member

    Yep, another vote for a Tomato forum. Version 04 has been working very well for me.
  18. erufailo

    erufailo Network Guru Member

    Just loaded Tomato on my wrt-54gs v3.0

    Was using dd-wrt v23sp2

    So far I'm quite impressed. Didn't take me long to get everything up and running from before on dd-wrt.

    Only thing I don't have up and running that I had from dd-wrt is ipv6. Would need to get ipv6 kernel module running and a radvd running at the very least in order to get it running again. Maybe something that can be discussed in the new tomato forum :)
  19. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    Just loaded this firmware on my wrt-54g v4. Working very well and love the layout/options! My torrents (BitSpirit) is faster than every and QOS functions well and is extremely easy to set-up.

    This is another vote for a separate forum as this firmware will soon become mainstream ...

    Congrats Tofu!

  20. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    no need to vote anymore

    you got it :)
  21. gotamd

    gotamd Network Guru Member

    Nice! The Tomato firmware does look very promising, though I can't say I've tried it yet. This will make it a lot easier to track its progress. Thanks Toxic :)
  22. wycf

    wycf Network Guru Member

    Thank You! Toxic!
  23. LAGMonkey

    LAGMonkey Network Guru Member

    Right, now for some serious bug finding :D

    oh...thank you Toxic
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