Nintendo Wii and Linksys RVS4000 Router

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  1. Jimerb

    Jimerb LI Guru Member

    I am trying to get the Nintendo Wii to work with my Linksys RVS4000 router/firewall.

    The problem is that the Wii seems to be trying to connect to random ports so I can not port forward. Each time it connects it increments the port number. There are also a wide range of ports it seems to be using based on what you are trying to do.

    I have tried putting the Wii in the DMZ zone but that did not work. I get connection errors no matter what I do.

    Unless I try to manually predict what port the wii will attempt to use, I cannot get the connection to work.

    Plugging directly into my cable modem works fine but my ISP only gives me one ip address.

    Can anyone point me to a document on technical network specifications that the wii tries to use? Or perhaps offer a suggestion on how I can put the wii in a DMZ that is accessible from the internet?

    I've given the wii a static ip but when I put it in the dmz I cannot connect. (The error code on the wii escapes me but it is a "cannot connect to the internet" text message.)

    I'm using 1.1.09. Is anyone using this version with the Wii? Seems like I'm breaking ground with this issue. I don't see any posts for the Wii with this Router.

    Any advice is appreciated. I'm tempted to go to 1.13 but I'd rather stay on released software if I can get it to work.
  2. david803sc

    david803sc LI Guru Member

    1) 1.1.11 is released out of BETA but for some reason it is only available through the recovery utility, go to go to the download page for the RVS4000 and download the v2 recovery utility, all the utility does is upgrade or in some cases downgrades the firmware to 1.1.11 without needing to use the web interface.

    2) I have used 1.1.09, 1.1.11 and now 1.1.13 (The current beta version) with xbox live service with no problems. I know that doesn't help the Wii but if it is trying to use as many different ports as you claim in your post it sounds like a poor network implementation on Nintendo's end. I use DHCP and uPnP. a search around the internet will show you can use port forwarding, DMZ and uPnP with the xbox live service but most users seem to find uPnP works most of the time, even when the other two methods do not, this may also be the case with the Wii but it is just a guess on my part.

    3) This may help whatever firmware version you are using go to the admin tab and make sure uPnP is enabled, I would also use DHCP not static, with uPnP static is not necessary.

    4) Check the Wiii DNS settings I cut this from a google search and apparently even if TCP/IP is set to automatic you still need to separetly set DNS to either automatic or manual, I would try both, ways and see what works, your router IP should be the default DNS servers, or you can use a public DNS server like

    - DNS Settings -

    The DNS page is identical to the TCP/IP page. There are two large buttons
    labeled "Yes" and "No" to enable or disable automatic DNS configuration. When disabled, you can select "Advanced Settings" to enter in your own DNS servers. You will need a primary and a secondary DNS server. The IPs of these servers can be found in the documentation you received from your ISP, or by looking at your computer's TCP/IP configuration.

    Read Section 6.3, "Finding the Current TCP/IP Information" for a detailed
    explanation on how to find appropriate DNS servers for your network.

    Here is the link to this full document which is a networking guide for the Wii:

    5) Disable SPI here is a link from Nintendo directly they state the Wii does not work with routers that use an SPI firewall,

    6) hope something here helps, looks like you will have to experiment a little to find what works best, from what I could find it seems the Wii has a lot of networking issues, I would start with firmware 1.1.11 from the rescue utility, uPnP enabled, DHCP, if it is no good I would try manual DNS, than finaly static IP and the DMZ. With as many ports that are in use by the Wii randomly port forwarding does not look like a good idea.

  3. tony4d

    tony4d LI Guru Member

    Boy, nintendo's networking sure sucks doesn't it.
  4. david803sc

    david803sc LI Guru Member

    Doing research for my reply, I found a few articles including this one about how Red Octane the Developers of Guitar Hero cannot get online multilayer to work on the Wii for Guitar Hero III which is scheduled to be released in November, they have already got it working without problems on both the xbox and playstation, so there obviously is some deep problems with the Wii networking.

  5. Jimerb

    Jimerb LI Guru Member

    I may have found a way around this...

    I had an old BEFSR41 linksys router that I had in place before i installed my RVS4000. I set it up as another network in the house: 192.168.2.x.

    I connected the wii to this and then got an ip address from the RVS4000 router.

    By doing that, the router was magically able to connect to the internet.

    I'm still monitoring this though.

    It's obviously a little trickier than just putting a hub or switch in. I had to disable the firewall and enable remote adminstration. I also intend to set this up for my Tivo shortly as well. I anticipate that I will need to set up port forwarding for that.

    At least I have a way forward for now...
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