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Discussion in 'EWRT Firmware Project' started by dbotkin, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. dbotkin

    dbotkin LI Guru Member

    I just recently installed EWRT in my WRT54G v.2. It's set up for DHCP on the WAN side, no DHCP server on the LAN side (my Linux box takes care of that). I have noticed that any time the router boots, it will pick up its info from Cox, but has no default route. We're unable to see the rest of the world until I manually SSH in and do a route add -net gw x.x.x.x. Once I add the default route, we're fine, but next time we drop power or whatever, the default route is gone again. Since I go out of town often and need to get access to webmail and other things on the systems here, this presents a problem.

    Is this a known issue, and is there a fix? Or did I miss something in the setup? I'd like to fix this before my next trip, otherwise I'll have to re-flash with the Linksys firmware, which I'd rather not do.

  2. dbotkin

    dbotkin LI Guru Member

    So is NO ONE else having this problem? Or does no one really use ewrt?? I finally went back to Linksys firmware after a few days of the default route randomly disappearing -- even without a reboot. It was happening several times a day. Very disappointing, the Linksys firmware lacks some really good features but I can't use this as it is.
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