No DNS via Linksys WRT54G connected to ADSL via router

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by onlinedennis, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. onlinedennis

    onlinedennis Network Guru Member

    My Linksys WRT54G is connected to a router which connects to the internet. The other pcs connected to ports of the router have a connection. But the Linksys doesn't give DNS through to wireless connection...

    What do I do wrong?
  2. AtillaThePun

    AtillaThePun Network Guru Member

    Is the WRT54G set up to be a DHCP server? If not then IT won't give anything to computers connected to it. If so, is it picking up DNS servers from the Internet router? If not you can manually put the DNS info into it and see if the downstream computers pick it up then.
  3. onlinedennis

    onlinedennis Network Guru Member

    Thanks Atilla,
    I found the software on the linksys site to setup your router. It worked..... almost. (they where both DHCP servers starting with 192.168.1.x and now the linksys one starts at 192.168.2.x, which works better!)

    The ADSL router connects to the net, that one connects to a linksys router WRT54G.
    When I hook up a pc to the WRT54G, it works....
    But there is still no working wireless connection. I get an 400 error in IE. The connection tester in MSN Messenger gives me an error on the KEY points.......
    I had to put up a secret word in the WRT54G but nowhere in my wireless laptop. I think that is the problem..... or not?
    Can anyone help?
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