No http access after FW upgrade.

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by SerialCoder, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. SerialCoder

    SerialCoder Network Guru Member

    Alright this is a bit wierd. I have two WAP54G's and they were working fine. I wanted to play around to see if I could repeat one signal from another and read that I had to upgrade to the latest firmware. I upgraded my secondary AP to 3.03 with no problem. So, figuring it was safe, I upgraded the other. It appeared to work then refused me wireless access.

    I tried pinging it and got nothing. Rebooted it, got nothing. I ran a scan on my lan and to my surprise it was now at 192.168,0.255. So I try to log in at that address and nothing. My LAN untility shows that there is no port 80 and no MAC address.

    Next I push the reset button to go back to factory defaults and surprise! It grabs, resets the WEP encryption and works. Almost works. I still cant login to the http: interface. I can surf it, but cant login.

    Any advice would be great!

  2. SerialCoder

    SerialCoder Network Guru Member

    Nevermind.... I worked it out.
  3. rafbien

    rafbien Network Guru Member


    How did you make it work. I have the same problem w WAP11
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    When upgrading to a new firmware version, you must reset the setting to factory default before the upgrade. Different versions of the firmware store variables in different areas of the nvram, so unless you reset the device the results may be unpredictable. You should always do a firmware upgrade from a wired connection.
  5. rafbien

    rafbien Network Guru Member

    Wap11 v28

    My WAP11 v28 is already "dead".
    Power and link leds are on and I can't login to it (at address I tried to reset it but with no success.
    Do you have any idea what to do to make it work again?
    Is there any way to connect with AP and to load firmware - some serial connection using "magic" cable

    !!! Please anybody help me !!!
  6. malkjos

    malkjos Network Guru Member

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