No Internet on WRT54G

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by HaisseM, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. HaisseM

    HaisseM Networkin' Nut Member

    So I followed these steps...

    However I can't connect to the internet and I don't know if I'm actually connected to my wireless network, I've changed the router ip address, but the default gateway still shows

    Any help would be awesome
  2. jed_99

    jed_99 LI Guru Member

    I'd look for some picture tutorials first. Then, check into other firmwares that do have some tutorials, like dd-wrt. Depends on your level of experience as to how much help can be given.
  3. HaisseM

    HaisseM Networkin' Nut Member

    Did you have any to recommend? I was thinking of using the DD-WRT one, would you recommend it?
  4. jed_99

    jed_99 LI Guru Member

    I use tomato - extremely easy to turn it into a wireless bridge.

    But, before you do, check and recheck your wireless settings. I've used Thibor as a router but not as a WET, although it should do it. Turn off your encryption first.

    Jon's regular Tomato will do as you want. (

    Then google, tomato wireless ethernet bridge how to.
  5. jed_99

    jed_99 LI Guru Member

    I happened to setup a router as a bridge tonite. I'm not going to detail flashing your router to tomato as theres lots of ones out there. Read through thoroughly so that you understand the process. You CAN brick your router if you aren't careful. Be warned.

    After the flash, heres how I got my bridge:

    Once you have the router flashed, up and running, login to the router.

    Set Wireless Mode to Wireless Ethernet Bridge

    Basic - Network

    Set your router ip address to one within your particular network's range (mine is set to, Subnet Mask is filled in and Default Gateway (as your network, mine is

    Set your SSID to your network's. To ensure connectivity you may want to disable encryption on your router first, to test. Once its up and running, set encryption again - I've used most modes without issue.
  6. brock_steady

    brock_steady Serious Server Member

    Where the heck can i find this download:
    Thibor modified HyperWRT firmware for the WRT54GS
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