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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by PRDR, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. PRDR

    PRDR Network Guru Member


    I understand (and it indeed works if invoked form firefox) that if I want to update my no-ip dyn-dns I have to issue an URL like:<RegisteredEMail>&password=<RegisteredPWD>&hostname=<MyNO-IP_Hostname>&ip=<MyPresentIP>

    I tried to enter something like that through the Tomato 1.01 web interface (DDNS custom), but it complains that it wants a "http//:..." (not https://...) URL.
    I tried SSH'ing the router and changing the nvram variable ddnsx1 (ddnsx0 is used by DynDNS) to somethinh like


    (and then issued nvram commit) and that went fine, but the No-IP dynamic DNS does not get updated.

    Anybody knows a way around? A script of some sort, perhaps?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. PRDR

    PRDR Network Guru Member

    83 views (not a huge number but decent) and no comments on this...

    I am wondering if:
    1) This is something already discussed and I have missed the right thread (I have searched for this, though). In that case, I would really appreciate a pointer for a place to look.
    2) This is something that most people do not care about. In that case there is nothing else to do but saying sorry for bothering everybody with this stuff...
    3) This is an issue that people might be interested in, but nobody has really worked on it yet. In that case I will patiently wait (since I am not really much of a programmer to take care of it myself...)
    4) Since my English sucks, nobody understood a word of my original question. That would be very understandable, and I would be glad to (try to) rephrase things in a better way, if someone tells me this is the case.
    5) People are very busy, and have better things to do than answering silly questions right away. I can understand that too if that is the case, and I can wait... I do not want to abuse of anybodies time.

    I would appreciate it very much if someone tells me what the situation is.

    Thanks a million, and thanks to the author too for a great firmware!
  3. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    I think you may have stumped everyone, and we were all hoping that someone else had a good answer for you. When you first posted, I did see the problem that you described. I have not used DynDNS for a couple of years, and do not remember it needing an HTTPS connection. Are you sure that your host requires a secure connection ? I'm sure there must be a hosting service that does not require https. Maybe you can temporarily substitute a different service until the next Tomato comes out ? New Tomatoes always have nice surprises.
  4. PRDR

    PRDR Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your answer Geetek:

    There is supposed to be a "http" option for the "no-ip" ddns, but when issuing it through a browser, the server just sends a new request for the user and password even though those were already in the URL string. So I imagine that what it does is just to send me to the "https" page anyways.
    Actually, I guess requiring "https" connections might be a smart thing to do in order to avoid passwords to travel as plain text (but I am sort of a big ignorant in all this stuff, so it is just plain guessing).

    I have temporarily switched to the service which is fully supported by Tomato (and it also provides free "" domain names which I think is kind of cool). And of course I can't wait for the next release of this great firmware.

    Thanks again.
  5. RTSAnime

    RTSAnime Network Guru Member

  6. PRDR

    PRDR Network Guru Member

    Hi RTSAnime, and thanks for your answer.

    I have tried that, along with other possibilities for "http" URLs that I have found in the web for "no-ip".
    With this one, if I issue it from my browser, I get a message (attached) telling me I am logging in with my username, and asking for confirmation (Cancel/OK). When I do it through the DDNS page of Tomato, it stays on a "Update" status for a while and finally it shows: Return code: -1. I guess it is just that it was not handling the "Cancel/OK" thing.

    It seems that just a plain "http" URL won't work with this provider.

    Thanks again.

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  7. Max Monroe

    Max Monroe LI Guru Member


    That's strange. I'm also using with Tomato: standard protocol, http version. The one that goes "***@***.***&password=***&hostname=***" (substitute asterisks appropriately). It seems to be working fine for me: issued from Firefox I get "***" in plaintext which just means OK, and used in Tomato I get something like "response code: 200" which kinda also means OK, since the response header of the firefox version also contains "200 OK". True, the 200 is a http response, not a DDNS one, so I wouldn't actually know if it returned a failure to update, but hey, it seems to work, and as long as it works.... :cool: Are you sure your login data is exact in the string?
    good luck,

    P.S.: I agree though that native no-ip support would be nice in Tomato :halo:
    P.P.S.: Did I mention that Tomato ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY ROCKS ??? :rockon:
  8. orangekay

    orangekay LI Guru Member

    The version of wget which Tomato (and most other firmware packages out there) includes is severely crippled and does not support SSL at all. Nothing you do to any nvram value is going to alter this fact.
  9. PRDR

    PRDR Network Guru Member

    Well, I just tried again and it worked... :redface: I do not know what to say... It must have been my mistake, something must have been wrong in some of the strings as you suggest.

    Again, it wold be nice if the "secure" access way was possible too.

    I couldn't agree more!

    Thanx a million for your help!!!!

    PS: Now that we are talking about this, what would make this just the perfect ddns interface would be the possibility of setting the maximum amount of time between ddns updates.
    With these firmwares being so stable, my router rarely gets rebooted and I keep the same dynamic IP for loooong periods. I once got my ddns account closed for not being used (i.e. the info not updated) for a certain time... (that was with Thibor 15c, which is also an excellent fw).
  10. fareal

    fareal LI Guru Member

    I like that idea. Force update every 7 days or something like that.
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