No IP even when static?!

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by kujotx, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. kujotx

    kujotx Network Guru Member

    I recently picked up a WRT54GS and WPC54GS for my IBM Thinkpad T-22 running Windows 2K. I downloaded the 11-10-2004 firmware for the WPC and got it installed.

    I can see my access point, but it always repots that it never finds the Internet. Checking ipconfig -- no IP!

    Well, I am not running DHCP on my network (I have static IPs because I want to forward ports for running applications.) I have entered the IP info in the profiles in the WPC config software and I put them in the connection's TCP/IP properties. I did this with my old B card, too. It worked fine!

    Why does my G card not get an IP address?

    I really need some help. Although I would like to put my foot through the wall over this, we have just finished remodelling. I don't want to call my contractor to have him come out again.

    Save my wall!

    Thanks for your kind attention.
  2. gnewhouse

    gnewhouse Network Guru Member

    I had the exact same problem

    If you are like me, you probably followed their instructions exactly and ran the setup CD before inserting the Notebook adapter. This installs the linksys wireless program. ... This is wrong and doomed to failure.

    I am also guessing you are running Windows XP Profession with all the current patches like me.

    After multiple calls to support, the answer is:
    1) Uninstall the Wireless Program
    2) Insert the WPC54GS into your notebook
    3) Reboot your machine and sign in if necessary
    4) Let Windows detect new hardware
    5) Follow the Window wizards to install the drivers (inserting the Setup CD as the driver source.
    6) Launch your browser and enjoy wireless computing.

    Good Luck.
  3. kujotx

    kujotx Network Guru Member

    If only I could use XP. As I mentioned, I have Win 2K.

    No progress yet...
  4. kujotx

    kujotx Network Guru Member

    Linksys RTS Threshold Fix

    I was sifting through the Linksys knowledgebase looking for a solution and found the above article. I reset my RTS Threshold and the other settings as written, re-booted my machine, and I still haven't seen it connect.

    I am suspicious of the Linksys Configuration software. Everytime I allow it to activate my profile, I get External Error E0D7363 (I think that's it... I clicked OK to all seven of the dialog boxes).

    I am re-booting again to see if my IP setting edits to the TCP\IP properties of the network connection took....
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