No more "HyperWRT +tofu" firmware updates?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by eq2675, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. eq2675

    eq2675 Network Guru Member


    "Note: I am no longer maintaining the "HyperWRT +tofu" firmware. All changes I have made up to G/GL 13c have been incorporated into the "thibor" version."

    Will miss your great work.
  2. tofu

    tofu Network Guru Member

    To clarify, I stopped because the code for both G and GS are almost the same now. GS firmware will work on a G hardware, and G firmware will work on a GS hardware. What prevents them from loading each other is just a simple signature check. If I continued with my HyperWRT version, then we are just going to be cloning each other's work...

    WRT is a great hardware to play with though, so I will continue to code other stuff for it. :)
  3. qingz

    qingz Network Guru Member

    Can I upgrade my WRT54G with Thibor's firmware which is for GS version? On his website, it is specifically said "This is not for the WRT54G, WRT54GX, etc."
  4. ofbarea

    ofbarea Network Guru Member

    Thibor's firmware will work just fine with WRT54G V2 to V4 and WRT54GL.

    Afterburner will work out of the box with WRT54G V4 and WRT54GL

    You can also enable afterburner in WRT54 V2.x to V3.x by issuing the following commands from the administration page:
    danielhaden @ forum
    I do not know if a WRT54G V 1.x will run properlly with Thibor's firmware.

    For a good guide listing the whole WRT54G to WRT54GS x-flashing proces check this link:
  5. reber

    reber Network Guru Member

    Just to be clear about this last post...

    What I read above is that afterburner mode (GS) is available on v2-4 G models if you follow the instructions above.

    Is this correct? I was under the impression that GS hardware was different and that afterburner properties were specific to the hardware.

    Please confirm/deny!
  6. gotamd

    gotamd Network Guru Member

    Nope, you can enable Afterburner on regular WRT54G's.
  7. ofbarea

    ofbarea Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G V4 that I upgraded to Thibor's 14 firmware. I tested afterburner and it worked. No problem there.

    I also have a WTR54G V2 that currently has DD-WRT 2.3 final. This weekend I will upgrade it to the latest DD-WRT 2.3 SP1 beta, but in the process I will test it afterburner compatibility with Thibor's 14 firmware.

    I will report my findings next week. I’m pretty sure it will work.
  8. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    I loaded Thibor 14 on my WRT54G v1.1 and am currently running it without any issues. Prior to loading you MUST flash with mini generic dd-wrt first.

    Check this thread ..

    Regarding afterburner issue the following in telnet or ssh--

    "nvram get wl_afterburner"

    -- returns "on" or "auto" then it's working.
    -- returns "off" then it's not on.

    See last couple threads on page 1 in this post ...

  9. altimac

    altimac Network Guru Member

    i've checked my router, it is this one:
    CDF5 = WRT54G v2.0 / ADM6996L Chipset / CPU 200Mhz

    and i can not upgrade to thibor 14.
    Im currently with tofu 13c

    i get an update failure each time i try the upgrade.
    I even checked Clear NVRAM, restore factory defaults

    but no go.

    Any idea ?
  10. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

  11. bcat

    bcat Network Guru Member

    You rebooted the router between upgrade attempts, right?
  12. dareino

    dareino Network Guru Member

    Upgraded my V4 "G" wrt from Tofu13c straight to Thibor14 and all is well. I reset factory defaults, u/l via the web interface,then cleared nvram, then a hard reset of the router.

  13. bob332

    bob332 Network Guru Member

    what is afterburner? sorry for such a noob question :(
  14. altimac

    altimac Network Guru Member

    no i did not load mini-generic dd-wrt, never. But should I ? the topic you mentionned does not contains usefull information except "be patient" :)
    But i only get failure report.

    I'll check MD5 hash of my file just in case.

    I'm very suprised some people did upgrade from tofu 13c to thibor 14 so easily: i never did anything special with my router... tofu's was download and install !
  15. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    You are obviously new to flashing router firmware. Different router versions have different internal chips and memory sizes. People who had no issues have later versions of the router you are using and have different chipsets and memory.

    I encountered the same issue you did with my version 1.1. I resolved the problem by flashing to mini-generic dd-wrt first, then flashing to Thibor 14. Worked for me ...

    Another thing you can try is following the failure report, reboot your router and try again if you continue to try flashing from Tofu --> Thibor.

  16. myersw

    myersw Network Guru Member

    I flashed my wrt54g v1.1 to Thibor 14 without any problems. Running fine. I was running Tofu 13c on this router so it was an easy upgrade. Went straight from Tofu 13c to Thibor 14 with NO intermidate steps such as loading dd-wrt mini first. From what I have read you should be able to go straight to Thibor as long as you are currently running Tofu.
    Posted to let people know it is an easy upgrade to Thibor 14.
  17. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    It actually should be an easy upgrade for most as long as they have Tofu 13 or mini-generic dd-wrt on as a first step. If they have problems loading with Tofu 13, then loading mini-generic dd-wrt and going to Thibor would be another option. That's what I did when problems were encountered going from Tofu 13c to Thibor 14 on a wrt54g v1.1.

    Tofu's instructions:

    Note: All changes I have made up to G/GL 13c have been incorporated into the "Thibor" version. The code base for both "Thibor" and "tofu" versions are almost the same now (yes, it works for G), and Thibor has plans for an SL version as well, so I am no longer maintaining a duplicate "HyperWRT +tofu" firmware.
    You can upgrade from tofu 13 to Thibor's by just using upgrade page. For hardware without tofu 13, you can install tofu 13 or DD-WRT mini as a first step to upgrade your G/GL to Thibor's GS firmware.

    Sooner or later one firmware flash combination will work, so I guess the most important thing is to be patient.

  18. jruschme

    jruschme Network Guru Member

    Thibor, can you claify?

    Thibor, can you claify this issue here and on your website.

    To quote from your site: "Before proceeding, please verify that your router is a Linksys WRT54GS v1, v2, v3, v4 (not v5), or a WRT54GL. This is not for the WRT54G, WRT54GX, etc."

  19. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    what is there to clarify? there are plenty of posts around to say that it works. however, my current firmware is for GS only, if you choose to load it on your G that is up to you, and it will in all probability work just fine, but don't expect me to support it if it doesn't
  20. koez

    koez Network Guru Member

    Just upgraded my WRT54G-Eu (v3.1) +tofu 13c into the Thibor 14, works like a dream :thumb:
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