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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by karlk, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. karlk

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    The WRT54G has an option to only accept connections from computers with a WLAN adapter that matches a MAC address on the allow list (specified on the router). So that excludes any unauthorized person from gaining any access to your network resources (be it other computers or your WAN connection).

    Now the only reason left to enable encryption is to make it harder for people to sniff your data. However, chances of someone sniffing your data is so small that it shouldn't pose a real threat.

    The cons of encryption are setting it all up (lazy :p) and some performance loss since there's added workload when encryption comes into play...

    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    No, it doesn't. The MAC address of a (W)LAN adapter can be changed easily. And the MAC is always transmitted unencrypted over a (W)LAN. So a possible intruder can just sniff your MAC, change his MAC to the sniffed MAC (which of course is on the list of allowed MACs) and he can immediately access your network. It's just a matter of a few seconds.

    So the MAC blocklist provides no protection at all! The only purpose of this feature is to prevent others from accidentially joining your WLAN. But it will not stop people, who want to join your WLAN.

    I wouldn't be to sure of this. Neighbours can be quite nosy. :lol:
    For example you can sniff eMails and passwords of eMail or bank accounts over and unencrypted WLAN and with special tools like Cain&Abel you can even record all telephone calls of somebody, if he is using VoIP over an unencrypted LAN. So imho using a WLAN without proper encrytion (WPA) is much too risky.

    No, most modern APs/WLAN routers have special hardware for doing WPA AES encryption, which is only used for this purpose. So you won't see a difference in performance. Only WEP or WPA TKIP encryption is in some cases done by the main CPU of a WLAN router, which can result in a *tiny* performance loss.
  3. karlk

    karlk Network Guru Member

    Ok, you proved me all wrong. Thanks for the reply.

    Encryption it is 8)
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