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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Kidd1, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Kidd1

    Kidd1 Network Guru Member

    i lost my setup cd and i havent yet installed the router on my computer.
    how can i get the software to install it since the linksys website has it grayed out. thanks
  2. beowulf777

    beowulf777 Network Guru Member

    Go to the linksys support/downloads page and pick your device. Under "Firmware" you should find the Setup Wizard.
  3. Kidd1

    Kidd1 Network Guru Member

  4. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Kidd1 -

    How experienced are you at networking?

    The CD contains (from what I understand, mine is still in the shrinkwrap) utilities that will help you get the latest firmware (which you can download from Linksys already), then get your wireless network set up securely.

    You should be up and running by doing the following (I'm assuming you have a Cable modem, and you don't need to use any sort of login for your connection like some DSL providers require. I'm also assuming your ISP won't mind if you change out devices connected to the modem - most don't as long as you power down the cable modem for at least 1 minute).

    1. Unplug your cable modem (power). You'll want to leave it off for a while, so just leave it powered down until you reach that instruction.
    1. Without the router plugged into your Internet connection, start it up and plug a computer into LAN1.
    2. From the computer, go to and log into the router (username and password both = admin).
    3. Go into "Administration" and change the password to something you can remember, but that is not "admin". Save this setting (you may need to log in again after this).
    4. Go into "Wireless" and change the SSID to something unique, set security up to "WPA" if your wireless clients can handle it, or set wireless to "DISABLED" if you don't intend to use wireless. Save all settings.
    5. Unplug power from the router.
    6. Run a patch cable from the Cable modem to the WAN/Internet port on the router.
    6. Power up the modem, wait a minute for the power light to stop blinking, and power up the router.

    You should now be able to surf the Web, and you'll have to configure any wireless clients with the same security settings you set up in the router.
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