"No space left on device"

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by embrion, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. embrion

    embrion Network Guru Member


    I think I've read that "mkdir: Cannot create directory `//jffs/usr/': No space left on device" error/bug has been fixed a while ago.
    Unfortunately I get it at mine WRT54G with DD-WRT v23 SP1 Final (05/16/06) std
    Any ideas?
    I need to install some TFTPd packages.
  2. ofbarea

    ofbarea Network Guru Member

    If you whant to enable jffs in a router with 4 MB flash ram you have to install the mini version of DD-WRT.

    If you want to use DD-WRT standard and jffs you will need a WRT54GS v1.x-v3.x, because they have 8 MB flash ram.
  3. embrion

    embrion Network Guru Member

    Thanks, I'll check out the mini.
    I see 100% used space checked via telnet with "df" command but WWW interface shows I got good amount of free memory:

    Total Available: 86%
    14072 kB / 16384 kB

    Free: 24%
    3384 kB / 14072 kB

    Used: 76%
    10688 kB / 14072 kB

    Buffers: 13%
    1412 kB / 10688 kB

    Cached: 39%
    4208 kB / 10688 kB

    Active: 33%
    3484 kB / 10688 kB

    Inactive: 20%
    2144 kB / 10720 kB

    Could Samba server fix problems of free space or packages and their list must be located and installed directly at my WRT54G ?
    Maybe a SD/MMC card reader would do the thing?
  4. Bazzek

    Bazzek Network Guru Member

    I wonder which version of the WRT54G you have... if you have version 5 or higher, check the micro generic version (and the link to the install instructions in the sticky)
  5. embrion

    embrion Network Guru Member

    I've got v3.1 or something like that.
    Mini fits perfectly and now I've got space for packages.
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