No valid arpreplies .... HELP

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by MBChris, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member

    Hello all,

    yesterday i got a great problem. After "cold"-Rebooting our Border-Router (DD-WRT V23) , which is providing DHCP for the whole net (Leasetime 24 hours), the DHCP-Service is broken and i dont know why :( Here are the problems i discovered this night:

    A client (WRT) requests an adress:

    Syslog tells me:
    request from ......
    broadcasting _IP_ to mac:mac:mac.....
    (sofar ok i think)

    at this time i see an entry in the DHCP-Leasetable which is the IP-Adress, the MAC and the time (60 seconds), but without Name in front

    after awhile (30-60 seconds) Syslog tells me "No valid arpreplies for _IP_/_MAC_" and the DHCP deletes the lease.

    Now we have alot of DHCP-Requests in the net, Some Clients getting there IP successfully, but only 1 of 100 requests is successfull :(

    Anyone a hint ?

    PS: YES, i know, i should define fixed IPs for the Client-WRTs .... but ... at this time all of the clients have DHCP

    thanks in advance for the help !

  2. Rich-M

    Rich-M Network Guru Member

    Interesting, was running a GS, on V23. Did a cold boot, and it bricked up. Was running for 24 hrs+ with lots of load prior to.

  3. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member

    you mean it could be bricked ?
  4. Rich-M

    Rich-M Network Guru Member

    The power light continued to flash, tried the reset button, couldnt
    flash anything. XP claimed it was getting assigned Only solution was to short pin 15-16 on the flash. At that point I was able to access tftp and reload.

  5. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member

    Sorry, but i haven't bricked it !!! Thats not my problem ! I changed the Hardware and still the Probs ?!?!?
  6. Thrasher

    Thrasher Network Guru Member

    You're using v23 on a live system ? :thumbdown:
  7. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member

    YES, why not :) ok, its a bit risk but .... it worked for about 3 weeks flawlessly ! But anyway the problem still does exist !

    And ... if i move the DHCP-Service to an other WRT within the net ... the Problem still exists !

    I also dont understand WHY some WRTs (Clients) getting their ip normaly as before and some not !

    I sniffed the net, there are alot of DHCP-Requests, DHCP-Offers but a very small count of DHCP ACK :(
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