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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by hamzat, May 30, 2014.

  1. hamzat

    hamzat Network Newbie Member

    Here is the setup.

    a. One Asus RT-N12 D1 with latest Tomato by Toastman. It has access control as described in this post: all users have their MAC addresses in the static IP table and DHCP is issuing only one address which has a rule in Access control to be always denied Internet access.
    b. A Zyxel NBG-146N router with stock firmware that has four operating modes:
    c. A desktop PC without wireless adapter.

    What I need is just to use Zyxel as a wireless adapter. What I did is put Zyxel MAC address into Tomato's static IP list and it connects just fine. I also put PC's LAN cart MAC into this list and it gets issued this address but no Internet access whatsoever, it can't even ping the Tomato router. (Zyxel can be pinged by other devices in the network)
    The only way I was able to get Internet access on PC is deleting it's MAC from static list so it gets issued the IP and disabling access control rule for this IP. The funny thing - this IP ( gets listed twice on the Device page - once with the Zyxel MAC and also with the PC's LAN card MAC and I have a hunch that is why it's working.

    Well, the question is can I get it to work as with other normal adapters? Am I missing something or trying to do the impossible?

    P. S. Zyxel didn't have any problems connecting to a wireless network with only WEP2-PSK as security measure.
  2. hamzat

    hamzat Network Newbie Member

    OK, after some researching I finally managed to get it to work. So posting this in case somebody else have the same problem. After reading this thread and particularly this post I realized that the solution was just in front of me. So this is how you get wireless to ethernet bridge (WET) with static ARP working.

    Set the slave router/bridge IP address to something outside of DHCP range. In my case the main router's IP is and DHCP is giving out only one address (, so I set the bridge's address to
    It can also be on a different subnet ( for example) but then you won't be able to access it without changing your IP.
    Subnet mask -
    Gateway - you can set it either to main router's IP or to . In my case if I set it to the latter I get an Internet connection UPnP icon in Network connection in WinXP, so I guess it's better if something else gets past the bridge. But Internet access works fine with both.

    Main router with Tomato:
    You can set two MAC Addresses for one IP in the Static DHCP table and it turns out that's exactly what you need. So for one MAC addresses I set slave router/bridge's address and for another PC's LAN card's address. Actually this two addresses feature was intended for different use, but it works, thanks to Toastman for this.
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