Noob tutorial for DD-WRT on WRT54g v.8?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by ironcladlou, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. ironcladlou

    ironcladlou LI Guru Member

    Well, I done bricked my router. I bought a WRT54G v8 yesterday, took it home and first thing I did was try and load DD-WRT on it. I failed spectacularly. Ended up with a device that wouldn't respond to pings at any time, and didn't even have a power light. Just a link light. No recovery method worked, though I didn't try shorting the pins, as I didn't want to crack the case. I managed to return the unit and get a shinybrandnew one, and I still want to get DD-WRT on there, but my previous fiasco has hammered home the fact that I am an utter noob in this arena. I need the dumbest possible tutorial, as bricking a second router will most definitely cause a few raised eyebrows, were I to try and do a second return. Little help? Note, my serial number starts with CDFG. Thanks for your help. Sorry for the double post, but I think this may be the more appropriate forum.
  2. bradbeer

    bradbeer Network Guru Member

    Cool, I bricked my brand new V8 too. But I pulled my case apart. I think its bad karma to return something I broke. I ordered a jtag, just because I couldnt figure out what pins to jump. There were no numbers on the chip. I dont know what to do now... I am looking for a jtag tutorial now.

  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    a brand new v8 and you pull it apart? why not just phone linksys and RMA it? you'd at least get a new replacement. since now you have opened the case you warranty is void.
  4. ironcladlou

    ironcladlou LI Guru Member

    I did have my qualms about returning something I bricked, but the idea of not having a working router kinda overwhelmed it.

    Is it possible that Linksys has changed the v8 config somehow to cause bricks when killing vxworks?
  5. vg30

    vg30 LI Guru Member

    yall are to funny, sorry abt your equ though, ill give you the clift note version and at the bottom will be a link that will explain everything. I have done this with no problems first time arround on my WRT54G v2.2 and my more recent neutered WRT54G v8. If you just got this router then i would return it and get your money back. You realy don't want a 2MB flash router if you are going to upgrad the firmware. With 4MB or more you can use the full version of DD-WRT and trust me there is a difference. Check out..

    find a 4MB flash memory or more device and purchase it at a store or ebay. make sure that you get the right verison. Personaly im getting ready to return my v8 and get a WRT350N. in any event back to the WRT54 go to...

    then the following links..

    release candidates
    DD-WRT v24 RC6.2

    Now you are at the holy grail... Download

    VXWorks Killer WRT54Gv8

    next download tftp2.exe

    Before doing anything you must restore you router to factory defauts. It should be under administration.

    now upgrade your firmware with..

    VXWorks Killer WRT54Gv8

    give it a minute for it to do it's thing then open tftp2.exe..

    Password: admin
    File: click on the dots and locate dd-wrt.v24_micro_generic.bin

    and then upgrade. that should do it boys and girls, you should now work, if you can't access dd-wrt then reset your router and try to connect again.

    long version..

    good luck..
  6. z00100

    z00100 LI Guru Member

    Great Writeup man!
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