noon question: how to set up a print sever using Thibor16b?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by GPSeek, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. GPSeek

    GPSeek LI Guru Member

    noob question: how to set up a print sever using Thibor16b?

    Just flashed my new wrtsl54gs with Thibor16b.
    I got the basic functions working. Quite straight forward. Thanks for the good work, Thibor.

    However I could not find the printer server settings anywhere. Could somebody give me a brief directions? Thanks again!
  2. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    Plug your USB printer in, and a print server progress will be automatically started. (In Windows) Add your printer on your PC as a local (not network) printer, using a TCP/IP port, with the IP address of (your router IP).

    You are on your own from there on. My setup works 90% of the time, and occasionally a router reboot is needed to bring the functionality back.
  3. shadow2k6

    shadow2k6 LI Guru Member

    Bigclaw, did you test your printer after a nvram refresh or upgrade from a previous version? I'm not currently using this feature, but I recall there used to be section were you could enable or disable the printer service. I thought this used to be in the section, but don't see it now. I wonder if the behavior of the plug and play solution you mentioned is by design or if it is working because you had it enabled on a previous version and it just carried through.
  4. GPSeek

    GPSeek LI Guru Member

    Thanks a lot! bigclaw
    It works for the desktop! Great! I really appreciate it.

    However, how to make this raw printer server work with my laptop that uses the wireless connection? Thanks again!
  5. GPSeek

    GPSeek LI Guru Member

    The PnP does not work for me. I added it as raw manually. I'm using Win Pro x64.
  6. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    i'm using Win Xp Pro x64 and PnP works here. it's more likely related to the printer you have. There are no controls by design, plug the printer in and the server is started automatically.
  7. GPSeek

    GPSeek LI Guru Member

    Thanks. It's a samsung 2010, a small laser.
    But how does my laptop access (connected to the router by wireless) use the print server? The same way as desktop? The printer/router ip address remains constant all the time? a bit confused here:)
  8. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    The wireless and wired access should be identical. You are printing to, which is the router's IP address, which should not change. The printer does not get a separate IP. The router knows to forward the print job to the printer.
  9. GPSeek

    GPSeek LI Guru Member

    Bigclaw, Thanks a lot!

    Where can I find a brief instructions on setting up the ftp server using the usb port? I assume I can add a usb hub to share the usb port with the printer. I already have a dyndns account.
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