Nortel VPN Client from behind a BEFSR11

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by security_boy, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. security_boy

    security_boy Guest

    I have a BEFSR11 router that I've had for four years.
    In the past, I've had a Cisco VPN client work without problem.

    Recently, I moved to a different company with a Nortel 4.x VPN client. I found that I couldn't get it to work until I upgraded my firmware -- and then it worked without issue.

    The company upgraded me to the 5.x VPN client.
    Now I can never get it to work right.
    When I unplug from the router, and connect to my DSL modem directly with the built-in Windows PPPoE client, everything works perfectly.

    when I reconnect from behind the router, everything works fine!

    (Is this some kind of key negotiation that gets blocked due to needed port(s) not being allowed out???)

    As I guessed, a few weeks went by and once again, it doesn't work. (sigh)

    What do I need to do to the router to get this working with the Nortel VPN client again?

    My network is a single Linksys router behind a DSL modem,
    a 24-port switch from which hangs a wireless access point (separate network entirely, using the same gateway), a VoIP adapter and all of my wired devices (desktops, network printer, etc).
  2. Monoman

    Monoman Network Guru Member

    Double NAT?

    Make sure that the IP subnet you are using is not used on the other end of the VPN as well. This will confuse the VPN client becuase it won't correctly route traffic.

    Check with the VPN/Net admin. Tell them what subnet you are using to see if they are using the same one.
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