Not Even Linksys knows if Speedbooster is Working

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by krjune, Sep 7, 2005.

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    I tried to get Linksys TS to help me determine whether Speedbooster was actually operational and how to measure it. After a while the tech left the line open and ignored me and so ended with my Cisco remark.

    Below is the TS chat record.

    Ross (21007): Hi, my name is Ross (21007). How may I help you?
    You: How can I vewrify that Speedbooster is operational?
    Ross (21007): Can you please confirm the model number of your Linksys product?
    You: wrt54gs and wusb54gs
    Ross (21007): Can you hold for a second so that I could verify your concern?
    Ross (21007): Thank you for waiting.
    Ross (21007): The throughput and overall network performance is increased by minimizing communication protocol overhead.

    You: How do I measure or see the increase? There must be a way to show the increase.
    Ross (21007): Kindly hold for a minute.
    You: D-Link, etc. advertise 108Mbps which I assume can be measured. Linksys talks about 35% increase so one shold be able to see some difference in spped.
    Ross (21007): Okay.
    Ross (21007): What wireless utility are you using right now?
    You: Netstumbler
    You: Network Stumbler
    Ross (21007): What I mean is with the wusb54gs? ig you're using the wireless utility came with the wireless adapter, you will see the effect of the speed booster.
    Ross (21007): If you're using the wireless utility came with the wireless adapter, you will see the effect of the speed booster.

    You: All I am aware of is the Monitor. Is there a utility on the Cd?
    Ross (21007): Monitor?The green icon? That's the wireless utility of the adapter.
    You: I have that running. However, I don't see where that gives me any info on the effects of Speedbooster.
    Ross (21007): Go to Link Information from there you will see the details of connection that you have.
    You: It just operationing at the "normal" 54 Mbps.
    Ross (21007): Have you checked if the router's "afterburn" is enable?
    You: That's a new one. How is that set?
    Ross (21007): Kindly check the router's setup page.
    You: You are saying there is an item called an "afterburn" setting in the setup page instructions?
    Ross (21007): Yes.
    You: Can you give me a hint where that item is located? I have the router "open" right now so how about telling me where to look?
    You: I have the User Guide open and search can not find any such term.
    Ross (21007): You can also check the properties of the adapter.
    You: Ross, please just tell me you don't know the answer and we can stop going around in circles.
    You: Also, your Kbase states that speedbooster on/off can not be controlled by configuration. It is controlled automatically through the drivers. So back to my original ? How do I measure the effect of speedbooster?
    You: Ross, sorry it has to end this way. krjune
    You: Cisco QA Swat Team
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