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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Groo, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Groo

    Groo Network Guru Member

    I have a wrt-54g in my basement running talisman. My problem is that when I try to use my laptop upstairs, my signal strength is very low.

    I've just purchased another wrt54g (v3) that I'd like to plug in upstairs so that I can plug a lan cable into it and connect to my network using the wireless connection on the upstairs router (or if I move around the house, connect to which ever has the most power).

    I think I've become confused as to what I need to do. From what I can tell, WDS mode connects two routers via a wireless connection. I have a lan cable that I can use to connect two routers together. Essentially, I just want to have a great signal upstairs as well as downstairs.

    Anyone have any recommendations?
  2. Tomchu

    Tomchu Network Guru Member

    I have exactly the same kind of setup that you want. It's extremely easy to accomplish.

    Let's make these assumptions: Router1 is the downstairs router, hooked up to your cable/DSL model. Router2 is the new router that you want to install upstairs.

    Basically, the core of the issue is that you want only one of the routers to do DHCP for your network, but you want both of them to be accessible through their web interfaces + wireless. Set them up like this, and in the following order:

    Disconnect Router2 from everything, connect your laptop to Router1 with an Ethernet cable. Log in to the web interface. Make the following changes:

    - Give it a host name of Router1 (or whatever you want)
    - Give it an IP address of (this is default)
    - Keep DHCP on, start the DHCP range from (this is also default)
    - Give it a non-"linksys" SSID, keep SSID broadcasts on, and change its channel to either 1, 6, or 11 (use a wifi networking-scanning app and see what most of the networks around you are using, then use the channel that is being used the least out of those three)

    Disconnect your laptop from Router1, plug the cable into Router2 (which is disconnected from the rest of your network so far). Make the following changes:

    - Give it a host name of Router2 (or whatever you want, as long as it's different from the first)
    - Give it an IP address of (after you apply, you will need to reconnect to its web interface on the new IP)
    - Give it the same SSID that you did the first, keep SSID broadcasts on, and set its channel to either 1, 6, or 11. DO NOT USE THE SAME CHANNEL AS YOU DID FOR ROUTER1, and use the second-least-used channel in your area. I have my routers set to 1 and 11, as there are a few networks around here using 6, and only one using 11.
    - Disable DHCP completely. At this point, you probably won't be able to get back to the router's web interface, but it doesn't matter.

    Grab the Ethernet cable that is running from Port 1/2/3/4 on Router1, and plug it into any of the regular LAN ports on Router2. Power cycle it for good measure. Don't use the WAN port on Router2 for anything.

    When you request a new IP on your laptop, you should get one from Router1 downstairs. Right now, Router2 is acting as a simple Ethernet switch and wifi access point. When you set up your laptop to automatically connect to YOUR_SSID, it will automatically connect to the router that has the better signal. You'll be a part of the same network regardless of which AP you're using, and you'll be able to access both routers through their web interfaces ( and also regardless of which AP you're using.

    Good luck.
  3. __spc__

    __spc__ Network Guru Member

    For WDS to work you MUST use the same channel for BOTH routers.

    If you do not, you WILL be able to access the WLAN (EITHER of the routers) but router2 and router 1 are not connected so router2 will NOT allow you an internet connection, or access to machines that associate with router1.

    I have tested this rigourously:
  4. Groo

    Groo Network Guru Member

    I'm going under the assumption that WDS links two routers using a wireless connection. In my case, I'd like to use a lan connection to link two routers together. Does WDS still apply in this case?
  5. Groo

    Groo Network Guru Member

    Amazing! Thanks for such a detailed explanation!

    I have a few questions. I'm currently using WPA encryption and MAC filtering. Would I need to configure the same security settings on both routers?

    Does this also mean that I didn't have to purchase a wrt54? I could have done this with any cheapo router?
  6. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    if you plan to use lan connection to connect the routers together just plug the ethernet cable on router1 into a switch port then on router 2 plug it in on the wan port and leave dhcp on you will have 2 wifi networks but they will operate independantly of each other. router 1 will act as teh isp for router2's wifi
  7. __spc__

    __spc__ Network Guru Member

    WDS allows you to use router2 as a repeater, BUT, you're connecting the two routers wirelessly AND you can add wired connections to router2.

    The only drawback is that actual bandwidth is halved for every node you add (as the nodes can not simultaneously repeat and receive).
  8. vinjo

    vinjo Guest

    I have WRT54G (main access point) & WRT54GS (repeater) both using DD-WRT final firmware. I was unsuccessful in getting the router2 connecting to router1 following this guide but finally got it working after following this user guide:

    Thanks to Linksys forum for all the great tips and info!
  9. __spc__

    __spc__ Network Guru Member

  10. sir-fixalot

    sir-fixalot Network Guru Member

    Cannnot configue using web browser

    I am trying to regain web browser access to the configuration pages of a WRT54G router (sn CDF50D676474). It is running the factory firmware that it came with.

    I cannot reach the router with a web browser using or by pinging the router. I think the problem began when I was attempting to use the router as a switch and wireless access point which was connected to another router acting as the DHCP server. I think (it has been a long time since this problem occurred) I turned of the DHCP server in the WRT54G to make it look like a switch.

    I tried to hold in the reset button to reset factory defaults... no help.

    Advice on how to connect to and configure this device would be most appreciated.
  11. __spc__

    __spc__ Network Guru Member

    CDF5 = WRT54G v2.0 / ADM6996L Chipset / CPU 200Mhz

    Can you ping the router when it is connected to a PC via a CAT5 cable into one of its LAN ports?

    When you hold the reset button, hold it for 15+ seconds.

    You could try cable connecting the router, then running the FLASH exe file from here: for the latest Linksys f/w update - does not require you to use the www interface, I don't think.
  12. sir-fixalot

    sir-fixalot Network Guru Member

    Caoont connect to wrt54g

    I have been connected to router via CAT5 cable. I cannot use flash programs because they connect to the router via IP address. I cannot even ping the router at either or

    I have held in the reset button while applying power to routher for abou t 20 sec in an attempt to restore defaults.

    No luck.

    Help appreciated.

    btw ... is there an easy way to locate one's own postings as well as the responses?
  13. __spc__

    __spc__ Network Guru Member

    Cable in a LAN port of the router, not the WAN port I hope?
  14. sir-fixalot

    sir-fixalot Network Guru Member

    Cannot connect to WRT54G

    Yes the CAT5 cable is connected to the lan port. Further testing shows that the WRT54G is acting as a switch when I connect the computer to a lan port of the WRT54 and another lan port of the 54G to a lan port on another router.

    I have run Angryziber's ipscan on the router and cannot find an open port. I am sill looking or a way to reset this to factory defaults. The reset button does not seem to do that.

    Thanks for your assistance.
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